Tristar Sandwich Grill SA-3050

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Efficient and practical Sandwich Grill

Breakfast is the most important thing that you should have every morning. Many of us skip breakfast trying to lose weight, thinking it is the right way to gain weight goals. It is not! With regular and healthy meals or snacks, you will achieve that. When we get up, usually we don't have inspiration or we are not in the mood to make something healthy so most often we just drink a coffee or tea before a work or school. You can change it. Tristar presents a cute, medium-sized Sandwich Grill SA-3050 that can fit every kitchen design. It helps make delicious crispy sandwiches well grilled on both sides. With black crispbread fulfilled with chipped vegetables, and chicken filets or sausages, you will have a perfectly made and most importantly, healthy meal in the morning.     

Perfect kitchen's addition for making delicious crispy sandwiches

Tristar Sandwich Grill SA-3050 comes like a white, round-shaped kitchen's addition with non-stick plates to help easy cleaning and maintenance. It is a medium size, so make it suitable for every kitchen. With a built-in handle, the lid with a lock and non-slip feet, it's handy to carry around and perfectly secured while it is a turn-on. It comes with indicator lights so you will be aware when is heated enough and when reaches the right temperature. It is easy to clean because of non-stick coating that comes with it. One of the key benefits of using Sandwich Grill  SA-3050 is that you can prepare healthier and less oiled breakfast and simply enjoy its flavor. 


Tristar Sandwich Grill SA-3050 is handy and easy to use.
Always clean the cooking surface of the Sandwich Grill before using with a moist clout.
Plug the Sandwich Grill in and close it. It will heat automatically. 
Place the sandwich when the indicator light became green.
Close the Sandwich Grill lid over it and secure the lock.
5-6 minutes will give the bread a dark golden-brown color and will be very crispy.
Choose the time to bake as you wish.
Open the Sandwich Grill and remove sandwich using a spatula.
Unplug the marker and let to cool completely.
When is cooled, clean the baking surface with moist clout.
Always read the instruction, warily! 

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Sandwich Grill SA-3050

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