Serene Marceau Diamond Serene Marceau Diamond Series VI S002.05

  • Serene Marceau Diamond
  • SKU: S002.05

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Serene Marceau timepieces were inspired by Paris, the city where fashion is a way of life. More than the city of light, Parisian women played the biggest inspiration for Serene Marceau diamond watches. These women have always been recognized as the world leaders of a classic, sophisticated, and timeless fashionable look. Fascinated by Parisian woman, the watch designers at Serene Marceau created unique and beautifully crafted Diamond timepieces for women. Serene Marceau diamond watches are now appealing to women all over the world who are looking for some casual and daily luxury in their everyday lives. Serene Marceau offers styles of watches that appeal to the woman looking for some casual luxury with beautifully crafted diamonds. Serene Marceau promotes an ethical industry using only conflict free diamonds. Serene Marceau guarantees that each diamond originates from free war zones. At Serene Marceau we believe in quality oriented watch making, using traditional manufacturing methods. We use handmade & handcrafted components. Every detail of the timepiece is produced with care by highly skilled craftsmen. Design, technique, and choice of the right size of diamonds, come together to make the spectacular timepieces at Serene Marceau. Each Serene Marceau Diamond timepiece is created with life’s precious moments in mind. Transparent bezels and powder dials design a unique mix of fashion and elegance being the “marque de fabrique” of the diamond watches of the Serene Marceau polished and shiny Series VI.Trendy Line watch series are trendy and avant-garde: the ideal watches for an afternoon in the city or an early cocktail at an art gallery opening.

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Serene Marceau Diamond Series VI S002.05

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