Gillette Gillette Fusion Proglide 8-pack

  • Gillette
  • SKU: fusion-proglide-8pack

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5 precision blades cut effortlessly 

Intensified new Gillette Fusion Proglide with thinner blade edges cuts effortlessly through hair with less twitch and scratch. A blade stabilizer keeps optimal blade spacing for comfort glide allowing the blades to adjust to the contours of your face. With five precision blades, it successfully removes the excess of shaving gel, stretching the skin for a close and comfortable shave.

Additional 8 razors

Gillette Fusion Proglide contains a precision trimmer on back. Serves for edging tough to reach areas. The razor's enhanced Lubrastrip is infused with lubricating polymers that allow the razors to move smoothly even on repeated strokes. The pack also involves 8 more cartridges to keep your hair under control.

More about

As hair grows in different directions, especially on men's chin and neck, to prevent possible irritation more blades give a closer shave leaving no cuts behind. Closer shave with 5 blades ahead implies that the catching and cutting process repeats twice, so after multi-prolonged attacks, the hair is perfectly removed. Use a proper shave gel or cream to keep your skin moisturized while shaving.

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Gillette Fusion Proglide 8-pack

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