Biotherm Blue Therapy night cream 50 ml

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Eliminate the signs of aging!

Night is the optimal time for skin regeneration, moisture, and repair. This anti-aging night cream instantaneously penetrates deeply within every skin pore, making them more tightened while fine lines appear smoother and skin firmer. It shields you from external aggressors such as pollution, smoke, and dust, significantly improving overall skin appearance.

Awaken your skin!

Fortifies and strengthens forehead, cheeks, and skin around eyes. Diminishes brown spots in just a couple of months. Moreover, this cream allows you to luxuriate its beautiful, soothing fragrance and lets you feel energized, fresh and revitalized the second you wake up in the morning. A real confidence booster; skin lifter and plumper that delivers amazing results while you’re asleep.


Apply the formula at night, before bedtime to face and neck with a soft gliding movement.
Do not massage for too long in order to get the best smoothing effect, for a flawless lifted skin result.
For more effective results, complement your routine with Blue Therapy [Ultra-Blur] for targeted areas.

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Blue Therapy night cream 50 ml

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