No brand glorifies diversity like MAC Cosmetics. Their makeup mastery appeals to millions of devotees from many different parts of the world. MAC experts have long rejected the narrow standards of beauty and their celebration of individuality has led to firm adherence to All Ages, All Races, and All Genders.

The stalwart makeup artist Frank Toskan and salon owner Frank Angelo established the company in Toronto, Canada in March 1984. They fruitful collaboration with the headmost fashion, art and popular culture talents created and popularized new trends among makeup professionals and models. Very soon, their cosmetics gained enthusiastic endorsement from Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and many other famous figures. However, the brand refused to be confined to the demands of models and celebrities solely. Their exceptional artistic expertise could in a short while be felt by “ordinary” people so from a niche brand, MAC has become a global company.


The brand quickly won a tremendous renown and eminence by adopting an unconventional approach and blending chick style with supreme verve. The primary goal of MAC professionals was to introduce elements of modernity and to gradually divert from traditional methods of beautifying. Whilst their coeval beauty firms chiefly concentrated on skincare products, MAC opted for cosmetic devices. Accordingly, this company gave its customers a chance for self-actualization, self-expression, creativity and most importantly – individualism.

Makeup as a Confidence Booster


Makeup instruments are much more than simple face paints. Detailed researches have revealed that makeup actually acts as a powerful confidence enhancer that helps women feel and look smarter. Therefore, besides improving the appearance, beauty aids also bring about that strong psychological effect. This is precisely what MAC specialists had in mind: to craft maquillage that would accentuate outward beauty and improve self-esteem and self-assurance along the way. From foundations, highlighters, eye shadows, through bronzers and powders and all the way to lip care products offered by MAC, women could discover thousands of ways of displaying their own style, fashion direction and identity.

Face Perfectors


An item that currently enjoys a notable success is the revolutionary MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer that has been regaled with an extraordinary ability to hide the majority of skin defects. It has verily evolved into a universal, versatile tool used in every occasion. Delivering opaque, matte coverage, this concealer has no troubles performing challenging tasks of hiding moles, birthmarks, tiny scars, blemishes, imperfections, age spots and even tattoos. A high concentration of Vitamins C and E additionally nourishes and conditions the skin while revealing a flawless appearance accompanied by stunning features. This being explained, is there a better way of raising your confidence than by walking around with an irreproachable skin look that will get you tons of compliments? MAC Studio Finish is also responsible for providing protection against detrimental sun rays, so in a nutshell, the benefits you obtain from this emollient-based formula are: protection, long wear, correction of discoloration and blemishes, opaque natural finish, nourishment and absorbance of excess sebum. Multiple shades available.

Lip Masterpieces


Since MAC professionals are quintessential connoisseur of beautiful and practical, it didn’t take them long before they developed glamorous and sophisticated lipsticks that would capture everyone’s attention. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color paints your lips in a dazzling color, exceedingly difficult to resist. Its lingering power is professedly incredible thanks to the state-of-the-art Color-Flex Technology, fusion of esters and mattifying powders. So stand out from the crowd and choose your favorite tinge.


Another infallible lip paint has been designed in a form of Frost Lipstick – a fantastic formula that features medium buildable coverage, semi-lustrous finish and high pearl. Moreover, if you are longing for fuller, suppler and plumper lips, Matte Lipstick is definitely all the rage! Except delivering an unmistakable color every time, it simply consumes you with a desire to hone your contouring, defining and sculpting skills. The no-shine matte finish really puts you in control, empowers you, boosts your spirits and helps you unleash your femininity.

The power of a good quality lipstick should never be underestimated or put in a backdrop. In the classic, widely recognizable packaging arrives Satin Lipstick with its very smooth, buttery texture and highly-pigmented shade that leaves the lips demonstrably beautiful in only one swipe. One more thing that militates in favor of this magical lipstick is its staying power that amounts to a good 5 hours. As the very name suggests, it leaves lips skin wonderfully susceptible to a tender, satiny, sort of cushiony feel.


The notion matte is indicative of something elusive, mysterious and opaque which is why it engages such an attention. Retro Matte Lipstick goes to outlandish lengths to inhibit smears and smudges and is remarkably punctilious so even the persons who lack the basics in makeup proficiency will face no problems applying it. This iconic product is bound to deliver intense matte finish as well as a necessary supplement of hydration to your lips.

MAC products are inextricably linked with outstanding performance and superior quality. In fact, their reputation is indeed unimpeachable due to the unceasing and untiring growth and innovations that follow the needs of clients all around the globe. MAC’s lipstick colors never tarnish nor do their concealers ever foul. Being developed with fastidious care, MAC products not only create something appealing to behold, but they also tinge faces and souls with audacity, confidence and inner contentment. So if you are having a rough day, you can always get back your spark with a good lipstick.

Greetings from bilablau team.