Yves Saint Laurent is the largely prestigious fashion house founded in 1961 by Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, commonly abbreviated to YSL. Being incredibly talented, Laurent is globally touted as one of the most influential, game-changing fashion giants who marked the twentieth century vogue.

His professional career had its inceptions when he was only 17 years old while working as an assistant to Christian Dior who instantly recognized his aptitude. However, after Dior’s death four years later, Yves was appointed head of the house of Dior at the age of 21. Unfortunately, his notable success had to be interrupted by his military service in 1960 when the Algerian War of Independence erupted and ruined his plans for a brief time period. Feeling devastated about losing his position, he rapidly retrieved and mustered courage to launch a business of his own: his very first couture house that lived to see a remarkable triumph during 1960s and 1970s.


An overwhelming desire for designing appeared when he started creating dresses for his sisters’ dolls and that was the time his designs gained huge notice. But of course, his creations matured the most and his knowledge broadened to great extent while he was working alongside Dior, his role model, prime example, educator, his fundamental pillar for subsequent fashion endeavors.

First Women’s Tuxedo


As Laurent was ardently fascinated by women of all profiles and was their major admirer (“women should be put on a pedestal with the world at their feet” – he once said), his greatest aspiration was to make them feel chic and comfortable at the same time. Therefore, since the era of motherhood, wifehood and career emerged and women were conferred the opportunity to have it all, Yves devised a plan to make their wardrobe stylish, feminine, sexy but still functional and practical. For this reason, he incorporated a touch of masculinity which resulted in the creation of first woman tuxedo (1966) that matched the free, independent nature of a contemporary woman. This new, quite audacious image provoked shocking reactions and wasn’t met with approval at first. Laurent’s growth from couture into ready-to-wear fashion allowed more women to be attired in his creations that were available in his boutique Rive Gauche.

However, the expression of his extravagance and audacity continued to expand. In the year of 1971, Yves Saint Laurent surprised the mass by posing nude for his first men fragrance – Pour Homme. This act was depicted as daring, immensely surprising and tremendously courageous, that he explained in a rather plain and straightforward way: “Perfume is worn on the skin, so why hide the body…?” Shortly after, Laurent invested in creating another olfactory marker; this time, it was Opium (1977), the locution of extreme femininity through which Yves once again expressed his sumptuosity and boldness. This perfume too fueled raging controversy and the Laurent’s style was harshly criticized by global press but excitedly welcomed by women around the world which encouraged him to recommence over and over again.

The Uprising of Opium


The reinvention of Opium eventuated multiple times which resulted in the emergence of Black Opium, Black Opium Nuit Blanche, Vapeurs d’Opium, and Opium Homme whose notes basically revolve around diverse citrusy, oriental and spicy notes. These perfumes were intentionally created to match the ready-to-wear collection of a modern, sophisticated woman who has a brightened awareness of who she really is and what she passionately yearns for. That being the case, her fearless style gave voice to her self-determination, uprise from backdrop and the intimate connection between her comfortable clothing and seductive perfume represented a genuine female revolution.

The devotees of YSL contrivances just couldn’t wait for the arrival of Paris Eau de Parfum, a fragrance inspired by the magnificent lights of Paris, the city of love and all the beauty it has to offer. Laurent felt like he ought to pay homage to the city that bestowed so much love and support upon him and hence encompassed the nuances of rose, bergamot, iris, vetiver, vanilla and sandalwood into one magical composition. Furthermore, the onset of nineties marked the increase of economic activity and the time had come to celebrate wealth and power. The representative of this age was Yvresse, a perfume that cycles between the extracts of lychee, nectarine, rose, violet blossom and patchouli.

Extensive Selection of Delightful Perfumes


Besides the aforesaid fragrances, the house of Yves Saint Laurent have so many other reasons why it has been positioned in the high ranks: Rive Gauche, Manifesto, L’Homme Libre, YSL L’Homme, Kouros, Body Kouros, L’Homme, Mon Paris and a multitude of other perfumes have the incredible potency to exhilarate the senses with their vivacious, charming, and elegant notes that could really serve as personification of your inner being and abstract manifestation of your emotions.

High-Quality Makeup that Makes Every Woman Astonishingly Beautiful


From garments and across wide assortment of fragrances, YSL has also gained its fame through the extensive number of various makeup products such as Rouge Volupte Shine or Rouge Pur Couture lipstick that involve the combination of 60% oils that will erase the signs of chapped skin only to create an ultra comfortable sensation and improve health and beauty of your lips. The cutting-edge technology of YSL was guided by the ultimate glamour and thus resulted in creation of Couture Palette and other eyeshadows that include a high concentration of pearls, pigments and powders that together add a gorgeous color able to last throughout the day without smearing or creasing. There are also Couture Kajal 3in1, Full Metal Shadow, Eyeliner Shocking false eyelashes, Mascara Volume false eyelashes, Dessin Des Sourcils eyebrow pencil and La Laque Couture nail polish with a multitude of beautiful nuances.



Laurent’s incredible aptness for innovations never seems to cease. His amazing creams are capable of making radical skin improvements and defy age. Forever Youth Liberator creams stack up against the most efficient and most trustworthy formulas revealing skin’s youthfulness, beauty and stamina and eliminating all the visible symptoms of stress, fatigue and lassitude from face and neck. Test and see for yourself as they are now more accessible than ever.

Yves Saint Laurent has developed something for people from different walks of life; this highly praised fashion house has been celebrating diversity, women’s liberation, modern comfort and unseen audacity since the year of 1961. With a comprehensive range of clothes, makeup and perfumes, both women and men are surely on the path toward becoming unique individuals that cultivate their own style and follow their own fashion direction without anyone interfering.


Fashions fade, style is eternal.

– Yves Saint Laurent