Skip your favorite scent. Now that we’re midway through one of the harshest winters in recent history, it’s time to find an odor that fits the mood. We’re pleased to introduce the fragrance of the month for him and her, as follows: Versace Eros (for men) and Hugo Boss (for women). Both of these fragrances are distinctive, sharp and ready to impress on even the chilliest of days. There are reasons why they are deemed this months’ his and hers fragrance. Take some time to look below at the breakdown of each product – chances are, you and your spouse will love them both!

Meet Versace 'Eros' for Men

Taken from the name of the Greek God, Eros, this Versace cologne stands out as a sexual lure. Second maybe to only an effective pheromone spray, Versace Eros for Men leaves women in lust and men in love. This manly scent hits all the right notes – and it’s just so good, your wife might ask you not to wear it in public. “If a camaro is a head-turner, this cologne is a nose-turner!”

Alright, so the hype is there – the fragrance is a top seller and has countless staggering reviews across the web. But, what makes it so special? Us snowflakes are all unique and certainly not every cologne works for all men. Yet this one really is special… It is versatile, and especially effective during the cold winter season. Let’s get into the key points, shall we?

Versace Eros Background Info

Eros falls under the Versace brand, which penetrated the cologne industry in 1981 and has grown to become a household name. Versace is actually a popular fashion brand as well, built off of the fame and original collections released by Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. Nowadays, you’ll hear about Versace in mainstream media; it’s everywhere in pop culture, especially music — the brand is even the lead influence for plenty hit singles, such as ‘Versace on the Floor’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Versace’ by Migos.

The Eros product came to market in 2012 and has seen stood the test of time. There’s no denying that the company behind this fragrance is a powerhouse. In 2018, if you want to attract women of today’s generation, Versace Eros sounds like a clean choice.

hat Kind of Men Wear Versace Eros?

The men that tend to wear this scent the most are between 18, and 60 years of age. Seriously, the scent is favored by men of all ages – and for good reason, it’s “sublime manliness.” Young adults give a manlier impression, mature 40-something men smell as they should and the older generation recapture a bit of youth.


What Tones Does Versace Eros Include?

This cologne has a fresh forest scent with a little oriental vibe. The scent features a combination of three different top notes — green apple, Italian lemon and mint oil. The citrus and mint scent combo makes the scent truly sharp, kind of like Winterfresh gum. At the same time there’s a feeling of warmth that comes out of the middle notes — tonka bean, as well as ambroxan and geranium flowers. The base notes are earthy and woodsy, but also have a bit of power from the Madagascar vanilla. To put it simple, Versace Eros gives any man the masculine identity he deserves.

Meet Hugo Boss 'The Scent' for Women

A newer perfume, The Scent brings men to their knees and leaves them in captivity. The smell mixture features a feminine profile with contents that perfectly complement each other. From the honeyed peach to hints of cocoa, the components within Hugo Boss The Scent will leave your husband begging you to wear it again and again.


Hugo Boss The Scent Background Info

Hugo Boss first entered business as a men’s fashion company in 1923, but now they cater to both male and female consumers. Their fragrance lineup started with the release of their first product in 1993, an even 25 years ago. Hugo Boss is another household name, just like Versace – and there’s no doubting that they are here to stay. For both many men and women, Hugo Boss is the creator of their go-to scents.

What Kind of Women Wear Hugo Boss The Scent?

Any woman looking to make a feminine declaration will bode well with this scent. Some ladies prefer something a little more macho – in that case, it might not work. But if you want to make a man weak at the knees, a feminine scent like this will be a guaranteed winner. It’s also versatile, workable for women of all ages – from young adults to seniors.


What Tones Does Hugo Boss The Scent Include?

The Scent contains a blend of cocoa, freesia, honeyed peach and osmanthus. The top note is the honeyed peach, which all you mead drinkers will absolutely adore. The heart note is osmanthus, which is a warm-smelling flower that sits with you as the day goes on. Meanwhile, the base note is the cocoa which is a beloved smell for both men and women. There’s a very rich cocoa bean odor that comes off this perfume, but all the supplementary notes bring its feminine scent to life.

Add These Scents to Your “Fragrance Wardrobe” Today! Men and women — it’s curtain close time, but we hope you don’t disregard these two top picks. Both are heavy hitters that can work effectively for any age category. Each Eros and The Scent have a long history of excellent reviews from cologne and perfume enthusiasts. Further, they are scents that are recognized as being specifically powerful in the winter months. With warm base notes, there’s no doubt that the beautiful and empowering tones will come out fresh at the surface in the morning, and still enjoyably linger come bedtime. To start off your 2018 on the right “note,” definitely pick up the fragrance of the month for him and her for you and your partner. If you’re single, now you also have the perfect gift idea for any of your friends of the opposite gender. There’s nothing risky about this purchase; these two top sellers have proven themselves as major hits for the winter season, for many years now.

Greetings from bilablau team.