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Scientists and dermatologists claim that balanced sun exposure can yield incredible benefits associated with Vitamin D absorption, considerable mood improvement, depression treatment, bone strength growth, certain cancer types prevention, anxiety relief and feeling of absolute enjoyment. And yes, it is true that most people (especially children) are naturally attuned to the signals of sun rays and can’t seem to find a way to part with them. However, it goes without saying that we are literally compelled to take serious precautionary measures so as to safeguard our bodies from any harmful consequences such as sunburns, sunstroke, various skin damages, premature skin aging and skin cancer in the worst case scenario. It is a disturbing fact that over 90% of skin cancers is actually caused by sun exposure. That being said, it is of crucial importance that you make elaborate preparations before setting off for the beach and these preparations principally reflect in the following:



Hardly any skin type is immune to the detrimental ultraviolet A ray known as longer wave UV ray that inflicts lasting skin damage, skin aging and eventually skin cancer, and ultraviolet B, somewhat shorter wave UV ray that causes minor skin damages such as burns and can, in some cases, lead to skin cancer. Luckily for all of us, scientists have developed a miraculous mode of sun protection called sunscreen. Sunscreens are available on the market in the infinite number and leading brands such as Malibu, Piz Buin, Australian Gold, and Nivea are already taking pride in their world-famous creations that have served people for so long.

Nivea has managed to keep its reputation intact for the last 100 years offering various levels of sun protection factor from as low as 10 and up to the highest point of SPF 50. The Sun Moisturizing Lotion for example, was particularly engineered to help you enjoy the sun tremendously, shield yourself from redness, swelling and itching and still obtain a golden, healthy tan. Among other things, it is transparently obvious why the usage of sunscreen is vital sun safety strategy that all of us should constantly be reminded to.

After Sun Lotions


While sunscreens thrive in the face of extreme temperatures, after sun lotions occupy a key role in proper skin treatment. Even after the entire day of sun exposure, after sun creams and their vitamin-infused formulas act like real skin salvations that heal and soothe the skin potentiating cells turnover, hydrating and refreshing the skin, decelerating premature aging and avoiding flaking and peeling. However, that is not the only profit you get from these lotions; in fact, they are also assigned a function of tan prolonging (like Aftersun Gel Spray by Malibu, for instance) and hence reveal that gorgeous sun-kissed tan that lasts considerably longer than usual.

Appropriate Clothing and Sunglasses


Sunscreens are, by all means, indispensable summer vacation tools, however, Skin Cancer Foundation strongly recommends covering the entire body with clothing that basically involves long-sleeved loose shirt, long pants, broad-brimmed hat for scalp protection and sunglasses. The surface of the eye might also be harmed by UV radiation and potentially lead to serious eye conditions like snow blindness, cornea damage, eye lens damage, myopia and many other issues. Therefore, before the sun takes a toll on your delicate eye area, make sure you shield it with high-quality glasses that best match your face shape and offer the best protection. Calvin Klein CKJ462S 201 offers quality, a touch of refined style and UV3 protection against sun glare. With tons of similar fashion accessories available, it is not difficult to follow the paths of vogue and still get the required degree of protection.

Sun Protection for Children


Now this is particularly sensitive area that parents should be extra cautious about. Young, delicate skin is particularly vulnerable to damaging skin rays and it thus necessitates extra care.




Babies under 6 months of age should not be exposed to sun at all as their skin is already too sensitive and has little melanin, the pigment that gives color to skin, hair and eyes providing minimum protection.



When they grow around 6-7 months old, babies skin does get a bit more resilient but you should still keep your child in a good shade for most of the time. In this age, their skin is quite receptive to the emollient properties of sunscreens and their entire body should receive a full coverage and high SPF. Comfort Zone company has developed Sun Soul Milk Kids, a fragrance-free milk spray that incorporates a synergy of aloe vera, almond oil and Karité butter that, when joined with extremely high protection factor of 50, devotedly nourish and defend children’s skin.

Toddlers/Pre-School Age


Parents should not neglect the significance of educating their children about the different modes of sun protection. The act of fostering independence in your children should definitely be carried out at an early age, before they even start school. The sooner kids adopt the habits such as application of sunscreen, wearing comfortable, long-sleeved clothes, broad-brimmed hat and seeking shade (with parents’ encouragement and monitoring), the less you’ll worry. In addition to the aforesaid safety measures, kids do not shy away from wearing sunglasses too. Investing in good sunglasses such as Lacoste L3610s/615 produces a plethora of benefits like 100% UV protection, avoidance of many health issues, absolute protection of delicate eye zone, etc.

Essential Beach Accessories


Before you indulge in the pleasures of hot, sunny days, take some time to get other pool/beach accessories that would serve fashionable, entertaining and practical purposes. Speaking of fashion, Enjoy Summer Beach Bag is a stylish solution for keeping all those sunglasses, sunscreens and lotions at one place. And to enhance the fun and enjoyment even more, there are plenty of bags in charge of keeping your drinks cool and fresh the entire day like Adventure Goods Cooler Bag.

In order to stay safe from the unwholesome effects of UV rays, there is certainly no need for you to renounce the joys of sunshine. Yes, weather has its sinister side but by wrapping your skin in protective sunscreen layer, staying in shade and wearing the right clothes, you minimize the risk of any burns and diseases. So feel free to soak up the sun, but do it smartly and in moderation.

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