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For The Hair, Face, And Body

When it comes to skin and overall body care, Nivea is one of the brands that most people trust. The German line has been introduced since 1911 and after more than a hundred years, the brand never failed its patrons. The brand has featured a number of brand ambassadors which helped the brand to promote its name very well.

As of now, there are several products that are easily available in malls, convenience stores, and online shops.

Nivea Creme 250 ml

ut first, let’s find out why proper skin care is important.

Only a few people conduct proper skin care routine with some just sleeping over it. Skin is the largest organ that a human body has and it works all day, with barely any rest at all. Therefore, a proper skin care regimen is necessary because this will help the skin to function normally. Having an adequate skin care routine will also help you save money, unless you want to encounter major concerns in the future and spend more than what you’re expecting.

Nivea Creme Soft Shower Cream 50ml

ho Can Use Nivea Products?

Most people think that skin care is only applicable to women, however, the practice is also relevant to men. Luckily, the brand has created specific products for all genders.

Nivea products can be used by both men and women and each product addresses the user’s skin issue. Here are some of its examples below:

ORIGINALS regenerator after shave balm 100 ml

or The Body

Pollution, stress, and lack of sleep can cause our skin to become dry and rough, and although water is one of the simplest solutions, it’s always best to ask assistance from the experts.

And speaking of experts, the leading skin care brand knows how to resolve minor skin concerns. It has created various products that help the body to repair and maintain the skin, turning it into a fairer, healthier looking one. The brand is dedicated to reaching the market by answering all their skin problems.

Nivea Deo Spray 150ml Protect & Care

A dry and dull skin is normal, especially for men and women who have little to no time to take care of themselves. Fortunately, the brand has developed Skin Care and Moisturizers that would help soften the skin. Some of which are Nivea Care Intensive 400ml, Nivea Care Intensive Creme 100ml, Nivea Body Lotion 250ml, Nivea Hand Cream Anti-Age Q10 30ml Tube, Nivea Manos Crema Nutritiva 100ml, and Nivea Maos Repara & Cuida 50ml.

Nivea Shower 250ml Men Active Clean

Despite all the wonderful products and the recognition in the market, the brand has not limited itself. In fact, it created other merchandise that would address one of the biggest concerns — body odor and excessive sweating. These problems are often encountered by busy men and women. However, this doesn’t mean that they will forever hide their dark secrets. To resolve this matter, Nivea has created deodorants that will not only keep you smelling good; Nivea’s deo also promotes lighter and smoother underarms. You may try Nivea Deodorant Roll-On Fresh Pure, Nivea Deo Spray 150ml Satin Sensation, Nivea Deoroller 50ml Fresh Flower, and Nivea Deospray 35ml Protect&Care for Woman.

Nivea Care Intensive Creme 100 ml

Of course, the brand has not failed to create products that would keep the body, even the hair, fresh and clean. Its Shower Gels & Cremes are to die for and definitely, those are bathroom must-haves. For soaps, you can choose between Nivea Liquid Soap 250ml Honey or Nivea Soap 100g Cream Care. If you’re into shower gel, you can select from these variances: Nivea Shower 250ml Men Active Clean, Nivea Shower 250ml Pure, Nivea Shower 250ml Lemongrass & Oil, Nivea Shower 2x250ml For Men Energy, Nivea Shower Gel 50ml Men Original Care, Nivea In-Shower Make-Up Remover (Normal Skin), Nivea Gel De Ducha Soft 250ml.

Nivea Soap 100g Cream Care

Aside from the skin, the hair is prone to damages. Dry and unmanageable hair is a big no-no! If left untreated, it may grow dull and brittle. There are various brands in the market, claiming to be the best. But for sure, you want to trust a company that has existed for a long time and has proven a lot. Therefore, for hair protection, you should trust nothing but the same brand — Nivea. It offers the following shampoo specifically made for men and women: Nivea Shampoo 250ml Long Repair, Nivea Shampoo 250ml Diamond Volume, Nivea-Men Normal Cool Shampoo 250ml, Nivea – Men Strong Power Shampoo 250ml.

But wait, there’s more! Nivea has also designed products for shaving (Nivea Shaving Gel 200ml Protect&Shave) and sun protection needs (Nivea – Sun Protege&Broncea Spray SPF50 200ml).

INVISIBLE deo vaporizador 200 ml

or The Face

Generally, the person is judged by how he/she looks and the first thing that is recognized is the face. Truly, it’s hard to maintain a clean, pimple-free appearance. Dehydration, stress, sleeping problems, and even food can affect its smoothness and suppleness.

But apart from acne or dry and flaky skin, the wrinkle is also a primary concern, especially with most women. It’s inevitable especially as we age but there are ways on how to reduce the fine lines that appear early on our skin. A lot of brands have promised a youthful glow, however, only a few stay true to its words.

Luckily, aside from the costly facial spas and sessions, there is one way to solve these dreadful skin issues. With Nivea products you can say hello to a younger, fresher you without spending a lot.

Nivea Shaving Cream 200ml Mild

Whether your skin is dry, normal, or oily, the brand has something to offer. For the face, here are some of the products to choose from: Nivea Care Intensive 400ml, Nivea Care Intensive Creme 100 ml, Nivea Cream 100ml Tube, Nivea Cream 400ml, NiveaCream 250ml Tin, Nivea Cream 75ml Tin, Nivea Visage Day Fluid 40ml Cellular Perfect Skin, Nivea Visage Night 40ml Cellular Perfect Skin, Nivea Visage Q10+ 40ml Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Nivea Cream 30ml in Metal Jar and Nivea Cream For Men 75ml.

In addition to facial care, the brand also ensured that you can have a moisturizer with multiple purposes. These are a must-have for women-on-the-go as it works in various ways. Nivea Visage Blemish Balm Cream 50ml and Nivea Visage Blemish Balm Cream Dark 50ml work as a tinted moisturizer. It also helps even out skin tone, conceals blemishes, lightens the skin, and protects the face from the harmful rays of the sun.

Nivea Visage Facial Cleansing Wipes 25pcs cream

To complete the facial regimen, the brand has also produced the Nivea Visage Face Water with Alcohol 200ml, Nivea Visage Eye Make-Up Remover Balm 125ml, and the Nivea Visage Facial Cleansing Wipes 25pcs Cream. These products easily remove make-ups and other dirt without causing any skin breakage.

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