The global cosmetic company Piz Buin has been successfully operating for over 70 years, supplying sun lovers with a myriad of state-of-the art sun care products. The attainment of its international fame was stimulated by the founders’ desire to develop products that could provide both effective protection and that lovely, sun-kissed tan.

In the year of 1938, a Swiss chemistry student, Franz Greiter, climbed the Piz Buin mountain (after which the brand gained its name), located in the Silvretta range of the Alps on the border between Austria and Switzerland. While ascending the mountain peak, Greiter suffered severe sunburns after being excessively exposed to the sun. As odd as it sounds, these sunburns served as a major incentive for his subsequent business endeavors that brought about massive progress in the realms of sun protection. Accordingly, he immersed himself in work attempting to create a concoction that could resist sun rays and keep them at bay in order to help people to comfortably and safely enjoy life in the sun.

Eight years later (1946), one of the very first sun protection products was developed – the famous Gletscher Crème (Glacier Cream) that in due course became the basis for the company. Joining their maximum forces and throwing themselves vehemently into mixing various substances together, Franz and his wife Marga, an educated beautician succeeded in launching their own sun care brand that has continued to engineer suncreams for every skin type until the present day.


Curiously, the company is credited for introducing the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in the 1960s whereby sun enthusiasts could relish sunbathing experiences and attain a gorgeous tan without compromising their health. Since then, SPF has been fitted as a universal standard for determining the effectiveness of a sunscreen. You’ll be intrigued to learn that Gletscher Crème was estimated to have SPF of 2.

Broad-Spectrum Protection


Piz Buin specialist have long realized that sole reliance on Sun Protection Factor is not sufficient, wherefore they put strong emphasis on the notion of Broad-Spectrum. A sunscreen developed with Broad-Spectrum is attributed with the ability to shield against the detrimental effects of both UVA, commonly known as aging rays and UVB, the burning rays. UVA rays tend to reach the earth’s surface 10 times more than UVB rays and that explains the rapid or early onset of aging. The aptitude to provide absolute defense against sun radiation, irrespective of your whereabouts: beach, mountain or city, caused Piz Buin’s popularity to enormously outstretch. Today, their vast collection of products ranges from diverse sprays, creams, lotions, mousses, and lipsticks, all on the venture to secure pure enjoyment and total protection.

Face Creams


Before every other consideration, one should be mindful to apply a sunscreen to face first. Face is the most obvious indicator of aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles or crow’s feet. The proudly presented Piz Buin Allergy Face Cream (developed with profoundly skilled dermatologists) is rich with UVA/UVB filters and Calmanelle complex that help skin cells develop a tolerance and resilience to the sun. Delicate facial skin indeed necessitates attentive care and this is precisely obtained by this moisturizing protectant. Similarly, the Piz Buin in Sun radiant face cream concocted with powerful mineral complex, active hydrators and antioxidants account for genuine neck and facial skin revitalization and prevention of drying out.

Incredibly Lightweight Sunscreens


The versatile production of all sorts of sun creams and sun blocks is Piz Buin’s forte. The abundance of vitamins, antioxidants and sun shield complexes contained within their structure never fails to deliver auspicious results. Items like Ultra Light Dry Touch Sun Fluid, Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray or In Sun Moisture Lotion are most probably all you need to prevent redness, pain, swelling, blisters, blotchiness and sunburns. A reason plus for being in praise of these lotions is the fact that the essential skin proteins like elastin, keratin and collagen are well-shielded so the skin’s health, youthfulness and smoothness are perfectly retained.

Heal Your Sun-Stressed Skin


If you have ever returned from a midday siesta on the beach overwhelmed by utterly uncomfortable feelings of hot, red raw and tight skin, don’t fret because our Piz Buin geniuses hold viable solution submitted in the form of powerful after sun formulas. The optimal soothing performance is easily achieved by first taking a cool bath (not a shower) to rescue the skin from dehydration and to bestow a sense of coolness and revitalization upon it. The follow-up process is the generous application of after sun lotions such as Soothing & Cooling Moisturizing Lotion, Tan Intensifying Moisturizing Lotion or After-Sun Soothing Lotion.

These potent skin emollients create a particular kind of “cream bandage” that keeps the area underneath safe, moisturized and protected from the potential damage inflicted by sunburns inflammatory proteins. A high concentration of aloe vera and water in these lotions desensitizes and reduces redness accelerating the overall skin healing process. Moreover, there are also some other beneficial ingredients present like mint extract responsible for immediate cooling effect or Tanimel, a tan intensifying plant extract that boosts the production of natural tanning pigments thus preventing skin peeling. Other substances worth mentioning are Shea butter, Vitamin E and glycerine, highly appreciated for their nourishing, protective and hydrating properties.

Proper Sunscreen Application Method


  1. Apply a generous amount around 30 minutes before sun exposure. It takes app. 15 minutes for the skin to absorb the cream and provide protection.
  2. Apply to all bare skin areas paying special attention to face, neck, ears, shoulders, tops of your feet, and legs.
  3. Again, close attention should be devoted to face as plenty of skin cancers occur on the face, especially around the nose.
  4. The usage of lip balm is of utter importance as well. Apply it 45-60 minutes before going into the sun.
  5. Re-application is the key! Studies have revealed that by re-applying your sunscreen around 15-30 minutes after going going out, you increase the level of protection. After this initial application, re-apply the sunscreen every 2 hours.

Notes of Caution:

  • Always remember to seek shade even with your sunscreen on.
  • Avoid sun exposure between 10AM and 2PM as the sun is highest at that time.
  • Wear long-sleeved and loose clothing, sunglasses that block UVA/UVB rays and a hat.
  • Keep young children out of the sun: Infants under 6 months of age should not be exposed to sun at all and thus should not wear a sunscreen as their skin is immensely delicate so it may absorb more of the chemicals in sunscreen.
  • For children older than 6 months, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30, at least.
  • Dress the children in sun-protective clothes: lightweight pants, hats, long-sleeved shirts, sunglasses with UV protection.

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