Hairdressers searched high and low for products with which they could easily respond to even the toughest styling challenges; products that would make them true artists and that could stir their imagination over and over again.

The year of 1970 signaled the beginning of a new styling direction in the realms of hair care. The innovative vision conveyed by LA stylist Geri Cusenza and her husband John Sebastian made momentous changes and brought about a complete revolution in the way people dressed their hair. Their actions were founded on the tenets of resolute courage, infinite creativity and persistent fight against the mundane, conventional and already familiar.

Ample Opportunities for Self-Expression


The ingenious duo steered their hopes and aspirations creating hair products worthy of top professionals who constantly exert themselves to provide only the best for their clients. It all began with the invention of crimping iron in 1972, firstly developed intendedly for the purposes of curling Barbra Streisand’ hair. From then on, the Sebastian International company, based in Woodland Hills, California, continued the production of groundbreaking hair care products whereby the team stretched their limits and inherently dedicated to creating unprecedented gels, hairsprays, shampoos, conditioners and other professional formulas that enabled stylist to step outside the norm and express themselves in endless ways.

Sebastian is constantly in pursuit of new, unaccustomed ways of manifesting their big, ambitious ideas. For them, there is certainly no room for ordinary and their search for innovativeness is the one of the most rewarding pleasures ever derived from life: Geri and John were the ones to define the dreadlock look, to engineer a crimper that styled a whole generation, to give rise to the “wet hair” look and to supply both stylist and non-stylist with the hitherto unknown methods, techniques, tools and products.

Shampoos and Conditioners


It is certainly not easy thinking about all those hair care products that have done nothing but bled you white without producing any notable results. Sebastian’s insatiable thirst for innovations culminated in the production of revolutionary shampoos and conditioners. Volupt shampoo and its cushioning particles add volume and enhance style whilst the Color Ignite Multi shampoo tackles color-treated strands infusing the moisture into the driest hair sections. Being particularly attentive to hair, these game-changing shampoos could truly be positioned among your favorite or only ones thanks to their strengthening and revitalizing properties that guard against chemicals, dryness, dandruff and all other unfavorable hair conditions.

After claiming one for yourself, don’t let the complementary conditioners slip your mind. Products like Trilliance Conditioner, Hydre Conditioner or Mono Conditioner specially bless your (un)colored hair with smoothness, cleanliness, vibrancy and shine with the help of their active rescue systems, rock crystal extracts, cushioning particles and many other beneficial ingredients.

Styling Aids


Given that the illustrious Sebastian couple has been accounted for styling models’ hair and arranging glamorous fashion shows, their goal was to make customers think of Sebastian’s shampoos, conditioners and styling aids when they see dresses by famed designers such as Karl Lagerfeld or Issey Miyake. That being said, the necessity for products diversification was highlighted even more and as a result, we got a hairspray for shows that had a brilliant aptitude for spraying from any direction; it could even be used upside down. Shaper Zero Gravity is a paragon of such styling tools in a sense that it confers utter manageability, lightness and infallible brushable control. Other hairsprays like Shine Define, Shine Shaker or Re-Shaper, for instance, perform some other functions (besides giving hold), like imparting a healthy sheen or protecting against humidity.

Mold, Shape, Sculpt


In the modern chaos of everyday life where you are practically engulfed with responsibilities and cannot seem to find a quick way to do your hair in the morning, Sebastian gladly discloses a secret of effortless hairdos. With its state-of-the art Molding Mud, you’ll never suffer a bad hair day again. It molds, sculpts and twists creating the convincing impression of second day hair.

To achieve the similar effect, avail the enormous benefits of Shine Crafter, a wax that has been put in charge of hair defining, flexibility improvement and shine boosting.

Sebastian Cares for Your Curls


Some women consider curls a draining burden for hair. Curls wrap you in the spirals of dryness and frizziness diminishing the possibility of easy style changing. Sebastian hair elixirs will make you abandon the beliefs of difficult curly hair management and encourage you to cherish it with even greater intensity. Taming Elixir is a smoothing crème serum enriched with the essential avocado oil whose antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help unclog blocked follicles, and promote healthy growth and shine. Furthermore, if you secretly want others to be swayed and mesmerized by your charm, Sebastian propounds Potion 9 Lite, Liquid Gloss, Shine Shaker, or Trilliant (among plenty of others), the products whose popularity is enormously on the increase as they are experts in defrizzing, enhancing shine, gentle conditioning, protecting, and adding body and texture. Frankly speaking, once you try these powerful hair revitalizers, you will wish to goodness you had known them earlier.

The “Wet Look”


While running into a restaurant during a rainstorm, Geri went to the restroom to fix herself up and freshen up a little bit. She slicked her hair back and by seeing her hairstyle in the mirror, she got intrigued and that’s how the new idea for the invention of Wet Gel was born. In an attempt to achieve another breakthrough and take a step forward, Sebastian professionals crafted products like Gel Forte, Texturizer, and Texture Maker that could accomplish similar effects: wet look, shimmering hold, energized body and attention dedicated to individual strands.

Semi-Permanent Color


Sebastian’s enviable reputation was indeed cemented with the appearance of Cellophanes, the semi-permanent, amonia, alcohol and peroxide-free color in command of moisture preservation, hair strengthening, and shine enhancing of every strand with translucent, natural-looking shades that last up to four weeks. Therefore, if attempting to pave way for different, healthier and significantly more appealing hair, Collephanes holds a perfect solution whether as a great color corrector, after-perm conditioner or a superb dye.

Always at the Forefront of Innovation


It is manifest that Geri and John Cusenza are incredibly endowed with talent and aptitude for inventing and creating. Fostering family values, the two of them operated as an unbreakable, inseparable team out of which extraordinary works of art were born. Regarding human’s hair as a crowning glory, they were consumed by desire to project their extravagance, fearless enthusiasm and passion onto the world of style, beauty and fashion. Their original and professional hair care creations are products of their self-expression and futuristic point of views realized in the form of amazing shampoos, conditioners, gels, hair colors and plenty of other hair treatments.

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