Watches are not just a means of accessorising your attire, but also speak volumes about your personality. Not only a great way to sum up your look, watches serve a lot of other purposes too. They make you look stylish and reliable. An investment in a good watch goes a long way. Though as unethical as it may seem, looking down at your wristwatch is a great idea to pull yourself out of unwanted situations and conversations.

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A long look at your watch may also buy you some pause in an apparently long speech. Seiko is the only brand that comes to mind when one speaks about development and technology in watches. It is also known to be the brand which boasts of its style and the classiest of appearances. The good vibes given out by Seiko Watches are such that watches of no other brand or design can match.

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Moreover, Seiko is the only brand which has the history of manufacturing every watchmaking expertise. Watches produced by a brand with such high calibre will be nothing but extraordinary.

Seiko is a well known brand famous for launching beautifully designed and epoch-making watches and products in the world. World class watches with cutting-edge innovative designs make Seiko one of the top-notch brands to choose from. With a reputation spanning over many decades in the past, Seiko has built a name for itself and lives up to it each day.

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Seiko Moon Watch was put up on sale recently after the Apollo 13 explosion, and is still fortunately in pretty much working order. Seiko is also known for lunching Japan’s first automated women’s watch. It also included the automatic caliber as well as the manual winding. The high beat caliber made it the most accurate mechanical Watch of its time.

The Twin Quartz was also released by Seiko to bring to light the impact of temperature on the Quartz oscillator of the watches. Seiko also believes the watch to be an intimate accessory and also believes in linking emotions with technology so that a bond is created between the watch and the wearer. Therefore, they focus more on the technological development.

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Below is a list of the types of watches manufactured by Seiko. You can pick and choose according to your preferences and priorities. This list is only so that one is made aware of the many varieties of watches and styles that are offered by this brand. The following informative list is descriptive and interesting. These luxury watches can also be purchased on EMIs.

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eiko Quartz Watch:

Seiko Quartz watches are the best for formal meetings and gatherings. They look extremely fine and can impart a mature look to your overall persona. These Quartz watches are available for both men and women, and go undeniably well with a formal setting.

Seiko Solar SSC425P1

eiko Solar Watch:

The next category is solar watches. These watches do not require a cell or a battery and solely run on solar power. They have a long-life and can be worn casually too. A classic solar Seiko watch with just the right size and weight will bring about a vibe of maturity around you.. Such watches can be worn to semi-formal occasions too. It also boasts of a date display and a steel frame case.

Seiko Kinetic SRN071P1

eiko Kinetic Watch:

Having belts made of leather with a stainless steel body, these watches are durable and have a long lasting life. The plated stainless steel with a hardlex glass makes it difficult to crack and break. These watches also come with battery level indicators which are a measure of their battery life. It is the intelligent analog quartz watch controlled by a CPU-IC. It also comes with self analysing attributes of an automatic watch.

Seiko Alarm Chronograph SNAF39P3

eiko Alarm Chronograph:

As the name suggests, these watches come with an in built alarm system. Such watches also come with a leather band which is known to have a good and long lasting life. These watches have a tough steel case which makes them durable.

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dvantages of using Seiko Watches:


Anyone who has been a regular user of Seiko Watches will agree to the fact that they are most promising brand available in the market, as of now. They are quite durable, long lasting, and trendy and stylish. Seiko Watches are not only pocket-friendly and affordable, but are also worthy of the financial investment you make on them. A great way to include as a present, these watches will leave anyone feeling special and elated.

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Available in many different styles and colors, these watches come for men as well as for women. Plenty of elegant designs are one of the most spectacular and undeniable features of Seiko Watches. Seiko is the only company to have manufactured the world’s first digital watch and also the world’s first TV watch. Being ahead of its time with respect to technology, Seiko is still one of the few amazing brands yet present. It has very few competitors who live up to their standards.


Seiko is not only the first brand in the world to manufacture watches with sound recording functions but also with computer functions and features. The first analog watch with chronograph was also manufactured by Seiko. A watch specifically designed for spacewalk is manufactured by none other than Seiko.

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Though there are plenty of other good brands available in the marketplace, one cannot possibly purchase watches of every brand. Therefore, the best way to gain valuable insight is to rely on others’ opinions who have, in fact, been regular customers of a particular brand or service. A watch is one-time investment and it needs to be done with care. Seiko Watches give you that assurance of trustworthiness.


Being one of the leading brands around the world, Seiko is good place to invest your money into. Seiko is best known for its wristwatches which were initially produced entirely in-house. The first quartz chronograph and the first quartz watch were produced by Seiko. One should definitely try the wristwatches of this brand before making up his/her mind.

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