Marc Jacobs, who was once a bashful boy, reluctant to draw attention to himself has journeyed a long way to eventually become a remarkable person of influence.

Marc was born in the year of 1963, in New York City. After suffering the tragedy of losing his father and experiencing a lot of distress with his troubled mother, he moved in with his grandmother, a first earnest person to ever believe in him, his guiding star, his unrelenting support and encouragement.

Greatly owing to the complete freedom of expression he relished in early age and his abiding love for designing, Marc was determined to entirely set his heart on fulfilling his dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Fashion as a Means of Self-Expression


While attending the High School of Art and Design, Jacobs was simultaneously working at the clothing boutique Charivari whose staff recognized an extraordinary talent in Marc and thus decided to utilize it. Accordingly, in between his primary tasks of folding clothes and dressing mannequins, Marc had been designing sweaters for the store. As a matter of fact, this work of his betokened the onset of a glittering career as it hugely helped him finding a place of his own at the Parsons School for Design. Marc’s hard ways and drudgery earned him Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Awards and the title of Design Student of the Year at graduation in 1984.

Throughout his professional upheaval, Marc confronted costly failures but also managed to enjoy  conspicuous success. His engagement at Perry Ellis corporation served as a jumping-off point for his subsequent triumphs. However, Jacobs’ “grunge” collection for the label has received public praise by critics but strong disapproval from the company. After that, he once again displayed his consummate skills by working as a creative director for Louis Vuitton from 1997 to 2014. After facing the years of self-exploration and self-discovery, Marc Jacobs ventured to start his own business through which he could wholeheartedly exhibit his artistic prowess and show the world what he truly thinks and feels.


Excepting a broad range of menswear, womenswear, jewelry, watches, children’s garment and accessories sold in over 200 stores worldwide, Marc is thoroughly committed to the manufacture of fragrances. Ever since the year of 2001, this famous fashion powerhouse has been creating scents that brim with charm, personality and sophistication.

Fragrance Library


Marc considered no barrier insuperable when it comes to perfumes. One of his most distinguished ones, a perfume that grows more interesting hourly is the astonishingly successful Daisy line. Daisy ardently advocates simplicity branding the sense of peacefulness in one’s memory. It is a true personification of optimism and positive thoughts; a perfume that dazzles with its floral characteristics.

In fact, every individual edition of it, including Daisy Dream, Daisy Eau So Fresh, Daisy Shine, and many others, has its own story to tell but all of them are somehow interconnected and bound together with the unbreakable leash of youthfulness. The best detail to witness of these perfumes’ effervescence is the appealing floral pattern that can be spotted on both cap and the bottle.

Scents with Different Personalities


Due to his constant desire to improve, to always move forward and never cease creating, Marc can emphatically be declared a true human dynamo, tirelessly persisting to accomplish his missions. With this regard, as a result of his attempts of self-innovation and self-improvement, the perfume Decadence was concocted. Being presented in a revolutionary bottle carrying the shape of one of Jacobs’ iconic handbags, Decadence reveals a new, hitherto unexplored side of Marc. “Decadence is all about a good girl being bad…” – so whilst Daisy is purely feminine and utterly sweet, Decadence goes back to 1920s and speaks of glamour, luxury and wealth. The lavishing accords of champagne, honeysuckle, saffron and iris take the wearer to the exciting olfactory journey that instinctively fills her with passion, exhilaration and ardor.

In one interview, Marc mentioned that people would come to him on the streets and in the airports saying how much they like his fragrances which made him realize that the majority of his customers know him for his fragrances. Perfumes such as Dot or Honey are full of unexpectedness, energy and joyful anticipation – much of the properties that appertain to Marc himself.


Our highly favored fashion icon taught us that there are, by all means, other ways to coat the skin with pleasantness and profound delight. Daisy Eau So Fresh lotion as well as Daisy body lotion allow the indulgence of pleasure and opulence in every moment and to some, they could really function as a substitute for a fragrance. Opting for this kind of nourishing option will intermit your longings for a perfect cream. There is scarcely anything more seductive and sensual than smooth, glowing skin bedspread with a striking feminine scent. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of experiencing a sensation like this.

One of the major reasons why Louis Vuitton has attained such an international fame is definitely Marc Jacobs. The collections of his two namesake brands (Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs) are fit to be worn by everyone. He takes pleasures in experimenting and combining different elements to create ready-to-wear clothes, fragrances, jewelry, and accessories. Marc is eccentric, a ball of fire, stalwart man who derives inspiration from the lifestyles of average persons. His extravagance, fertile imagination and a sense for innovation has placed him on the list of 100 Most Influential People in the World. After all, “I love attention.” – he once claimed.

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