The way you grind your coffee beans is of huge importance. We hereby propose an efficient manner in which you can match the grind type with the adequate coffee-brewing technique. 

For a consistently coarse grind, you are going to need a dependable French press whereas the medium grind procedure requires an automatic Coffee Grinder. But what is the meaning behind all this? In order to find out the answer, you may do a little experiment at home. For starters, grind an extremely small amount of coffee beans (less than a tablespoon) and place them in your hand. Afterwards, clench into a fist. The second you release your hand, you will expect to see different results depending on your coffee brewing strategy. So…

  • French Press (coarse grind): the pressed coffee grounds are not supposed to stick together.
  • Automatic Flat Bottom (medium grind): a portion of the grounds will stick together, yet most of them will fall away.
  • Steam-Powered Espresso Machine, Gold Cone, Automatic-Cone (medium-fine grind): most coffee grounds are likely to stick together but the individual particles will still be visible.
  • Pump Espresso Machine (fine grind): the grounds are most likely to adhere to one another and they might even fall away in clumps.

Advantages to Owning Your Own, Personal Coffee Grinder

  • Grinders are unquestionably nifty and clever gadgets and one should definitely consider making the investment and purchase one of them. The truth is, there is something magical and utterly addictive in freshly ground coffee and that is why more and more people are adding them to their existing appliance collection.
  • A good grinder gets the most out of your coffee beans. The authentic coffee taste produced with the aid of a home grinder is truly authentic and will assuredly last substantially longer. Every sip of your coffee is predestined to retain that distinctive, almost heavenly flavor that will generate immense feelings of mental satisfaction and not the mention all the health benefits it brings out such as stress and anxiety reduction, energy levels improvement, better physical performance, lowered risk of various diseases (diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia etc.), fat reduction and a myriad of other issues. Consequently, having your own coffee grinder is certainly a big plus.

How to Choose the Right Coffee Grinder

So, you have been pondering for a while and opted for a home grinder. Now it is time to make another wise decision about which grinder to choose. There are two principal ones to take into consideration:

  • The first one is a  Blade Coffee Grinderthat grinds with the help of a sharp blade that uses the same operation concept as a blender blade and is actually perfect for medium and coarse grinds. They are easy to be found at a low price (for $20) and the majority of them is of a superb quality. However, they have a manifest disadvantage which reflects in the fact that the grind they produce is not a consistent one. The blade revolves chopping literally everything within its reach leaving certain particles somewhat bigger than others which does not seem to happen with coarse and medium grinds.
  • The second one is  Burr Coffee Grinder, a machine whose primary purpose is to create a quite consistent, even grind between two horizontal ceramic or metal burrs. Burr Coffee Grinder operate smoothly with fine to coarse grinds but are particularly suitable for medium-fine to fine-grinds where consistency and uniformity of coffee particles are highly important. Both electric and manual burr grinders are available on the market.

How to Store Roasted Coffee

There are various methods of storing roasted coffee:


  • If you are planning to use your coffee within a period of two weeks, store in a sealed container at room temperature.
  • If you have a large amount of coffee, simply separate the beans into portions that will last around two weeks, place into a zipper bag or container and put in your freezer. But be careful about one thing: if you constantly take the coffee in and out of a freezer, you may possibly create a moisture so, once you take the coffee out, keep it out.
  • Fortunately, some beans are already sealed in packages and you can simply store them as they are for as long as several months. Do not forget to check the expiration date.

Traveling with Coffee?

  • In case you are taking some time off and you know there will be an espresso machine, yet you don’t know whether it will be a cone or a flat bottom, here’s a suggestion: get your coffee ground for a flat bottom machine. In case it turns out to be a cone, simply utilize a couple of grounds more than you usually would when brewing.

Greetings from bilablau team.