When it comes to the realm of fashion and fragrance, there a few names that can hold up to the reputation that Paco Rabanne has developed during its existence. The man who’s name is on the bottle, Paco Rabanne himself, is somewhat a jack of all trades. He has penned four published books and even exhibited his own drawings in Moscow, but it’s the world of fashion where his element lies, and it is in this field where he has been truly transcendent. Paco has spent over 50 years in this kind of territory, originally producing jewelry type pieces for Givenchy and Dior, before founding his very own fashion house. After spending so many years perfecting and practicing his craft it’s no wonder why he’s reached this altitude of respect. After all, they do say that dedication is key if you wish to be the best, and it seems that the rule applies to the fashion profession, too.

In certain industries there are people, or groups of people, that command the respect of both competitors and consumers alike. In sport apparel there is Nike, in modern day travel there is Uber, and in fragrance and fashion there is Paco Rabanne. In the past, Rabanne has put out some terrific perfume’s, including Invictus, Olympea, as well as many other releases that have been blockbuster successes. However, I believe that the product I am reviewing here is perhaps the crown jewel in Rabanne’s diamond encrusted fashionista crown.

LADY MILLION shower gel 200 ml

LADY MILLION gel de ducha 200 ml

One key selling point of Rabanne’s fragrances is the fact that he creates products for both male and female clientele, as opposed to focusing on one gender. For example, Invictus was a fragrance made for men, and Olympea was created for female consumers. Two separate products for two separate splits in the market. A wise business move on Rabanne’s behalf too, as he can attract more customers due to the fact that he has products that can be accustomed to both genders. He almost has a unisex approach, without the need of actually needing to produce unisex fragrances. By operating in such a way, he can maintain focus on one gender at a time, ensuring he is making the best products that he can. He can also use whatever fragrances and elements that he likes, because there is no need for creating a balanced perfume.

LADY MILLION deo spray150 ml

LADY MILLION deo vaporizador 150 ml

However Rabanne did make an interesting move. He took the 1 Million fragrance, which again was a product originally made for men, and has twisted it into a new perfume. Here enters the focal point of this review; the Lady Million perfume, by Paco Rabanne.

Shifting from one gender to another is a rather risky and unconventional move, but it isn’t out of Rabanne’s character. Even in the 60’s when Rabanne founded his fashion house, he was using materials such as metal, paper, and plastic to construct appealing pieces, which at the time was seen as wildly bizarre. This is just one example of Rabanne’s transcendence of the fashion world; by behaving and functioning against the industry norm, Paco has been able to change the fabric of his chosen field.


LADY MILLION Sensual Body lotion 200 ml

LADY MILLION Sensual Body lotion 200 ml

The product itself has been delivered very well, which is an ode to Paco Rabanne’s skill in forming top tier, yet unconventional products. From the moment you purchase the item and take it home you can see the craftsmanship that is on display. The container of the fragrance is a rich gold colour, and the shape of it is almost like that of a diamond. From the perspective of visualisation, there is a theme of affluence being conducted. The colour scheme of gold, gold being a coveted item in the world, and the shape similar to a diamond, another highly coveted and expensive item, seems to reinforce this idea that there is a theme of wealth around the product.

LADY MILLION PRIVÉ Eau de Parfume natural spray 80 ml

LADY MILLION PRIVÉ Eau de Parfume vaporizador 80 ml

Perhaps this is some kind of marketing technique being deployed by Paco Rabanne, that involves creating an atmosphere and appeal of a rich and glamorous lifestyle people are enticed, and will want to purchase the item. Maybe one of the reasons so many people buy Rabanne’s items, if not for the quality of the fragrance itself, is because it is able to provide such a sense of glamour and wealth, yet for regular prices that people can afford.

Of course, the main function of any fragrance or perfume based item is to have an appealing smell, and a large portion of achieving this is what goes into the perfume. Mixing together the right combination of smells and odours can result in a great smelling product, or sometimes quite the opposite. It’s similar to scientists mixing together chemicals in a way, and it takes time to master. Time is something Paco has invested heavily into his work, and it is also why he is held in such elite regard.

One of the ingredients included in Lady Million is Neroli, a substance familiar to Paco, having been used in his Prada L’Homme fragrance. Personally, I liked the inclusion of the Neroli, as it’s sweet smelling characteristics really brought something good to the fragrance, and it was also good to witness Rabanne utilize ingredients that he is familiar with, and that he clearly understands thoroughly. Another component of the fragrance is Arabian Jasmine. This carries on the developing theme of sweet smelling characteristics of the perfume. The final, and perhaps the base, ingredient of the fragrance is raspberry, another sweet smelling ingredient. Overall these components all mix together very well. And when mixed together, they all seem to combine for a very feminine smelling product. This is positive, as one of the key aspects of Lady Million is that it is a feminine take on a masculine product, and the fragrance has transferred really well. There is also a floral burst element to the fragrance, which adds more of a kick to it.

LADY MILLION EAU MY GOLD! Eau de Toilette natural spray 80 ml

LADY MILLION EAU MY GOLD! Eau de Toilette vaporizador 80 ml

When it’s all said and done, Lady Million is an excellent installment in Paco Rabanne’s series of fine fragrances.The fragrance itself smells great, and the casing and packaging add up to a more professional experience, which in turn means a better product. A well performed feminine take on a masculine product. I recommend it to any woman who is looking for a sweet smelling, floral, and price friendly perfume.

Best regards from Bilablau team!