Brilliant creativity, exquisite craftsmanship, pioneering research and deep devotion are only some of the reasons why people have confided in Nivea brand for so long. Its existence for more than 100 years has produced nothing but auspicious results for individuals of all skin types. Since Nivea products are globally used by people of different races, cultures, ages and genders, the scientists of this world-renowned brand are still investing their hardest efforts to satisfy the requirements of millions of people around the world.

How it all Began?

In the year of 1890, Dr. Oscar Troplowitz bought the laboratory of the famous pharmacist Paul C. Beiersdorf located in Hamburg and this is where the magic started happening. Troplowitz’s coworker and scientific advisor, the distinguished dermatologist Professor Paul Gerson Unna presented him with a powerful emulsion that combines oil and water called Eucerit which stands for beautiful wax in ancient Greek. Using their joined efforts, the two chemists resolved that this emulsifying agent would be an ideal base for a skin cream and that’s how the very first Nivea crème was developed in 1911.

Shortly after the emulsion was finished, it was colored in pure white nuance. Therefore, the word NIVEA originates from the Latin word “nix, nivis” which means snow and basically, Nivea means “snow white”.

“Mother of All Creams”


The amalgamation of water and oil (Eucerit) is obviously not the sole ingredient of the original Creme; there were also glycerin, a little citric acid and gentle fragrance of rose and lily-of-the-valley oils. In spite of continual upgrades and improvements to draw level with the latest scientific discoveries, it has fundamentally changed quite little over the course of all these years.

On the other hand, the Nivea Crème tin did change its design only 14 years after it was initially manufactured. During the “Roaring Twenties”, a period depicted as a freewheeling popular culture, the fashionable words were youth and divertissement to which Nivea gladly responded and thus re-styled its profile correspondingly. Nivea tin took on a completely new look characterized by utmost simplicity, originality and uniqueness. The blue tin with white NIVEA lettering emerged in 1925.

Continuous Growth


Hardly any company has experienced such an explosive growth like Nivea. From the year of 1930, a wide assortment of new products started appearing such as shampoos, shaving creams and skin oils, so by the 1950s, its reputation was steadily established worldwide especially due to the fact that Beiersdorf was driven by the goal to launch a wide range of Nivea sun protection products.

It can be claimed that perhaps the major incentive for its evolutionary development is the tough competition on the market to which Beiersdorf reacted with a massive campaign called “Crème de la Crème” that primarily centered around Nivea Crème’s unmatched quality, incomparable effectiveness and high principles.

Products’ Versatility


A study conducted in the 1980s demonstrated that consumers had a firm belief in the reliability of all Nivea products which Beiersdorf immediately steered to its advantage and hence launched a considerable number of new products which eventually resulted in Nivea convincingly becoming Beiersdorf’s greatest brand.


Among the astonishing variety of Nivea products that involve face, body and hand creams, face cleansers, makeup removers, sun and after sun lotions, shower gels, soaps, deodorants, after shaves, anti-age creams, lip balms and plenty of others, there is something for both children and adults with normal, combination, dry, sensitive and oily skin type.

Nivea Creme


The famous, universal Nivea Creme is indeed down everyone’s alley and it arrives in multiple sizes accommodated in the classic, easily recognizable blue tin. Its exceptionally gentle consistency is bound to flood your skin with the inexhaustible dose of hydration without leaving it unpleasantly greasy or sticky. It seems so simple yet it is vastly different from all the others; its reparative and regenerative ingredients excel in the field of continuing skin care by nourishing, revitalizing and doting on every centimeter of your skin. This cream is a tremendous boon for chapped, coarse, rough and dehydrated male/female skin that allows your beauty to flourish and become admirable again.

Sun Protection Lotions


Nivea sun lotions qualify as chief protectants against the detrimental effects of sun rays. Ranging from SPF 15 to SPF 50, they provide instant and absolute protection that not only casts away UVA/UVB rays but it also prevents premature aging like Sun Anti-Age face cream does, extends the duration of bronze tan with After Sun Bronze Tan Prolonger and offers deep hydration with products such as Sun Protect & Moisturize pistolspray. Likewise, children’s delicate skin also has a chance to receive a downright protection with the assistance of a broad range of sun lotions available here.

Body Lotions


By incorporating Nivea body lotions into your daily skin routine, you are professedly doing your skin a huge favor. Their healing properties are well capable of implementing drastic reforms on your skin by taking the affairs of nourishing and moisturizing pretty seriously. These reforms reflect in the following: putting a halt to dryness, parting with dehydration, embracing softness, beauty, tenderness and pure revitalization. Lotions that take such an inherent care are Nivea body lotion, Nivea Oil in Lotion Rose and Argan oil, Q10+ Refirming body cream and plenty of others. Being carefully tested by dermatologists, Nivea lotions are internationally accepted as highly reliable, extremely beneficial and very helpful in overcoming a lot of skin issues.

Refreshing Deodorants


No one is insusceptible to sweat and body odor, especially during long and hot summer days. Nivea experts had this in mind and decided to engineer men/women antiperspirants and deodorants that could inject energy and vitality into your body and make you feel cool, fresh and clean throughout the entire day. Some of these products are Nivea Deodorant Fresh Pure, Black & White Invisible Fresh deo stick, Men Cool Kick deo roll-on, Stress Protect deo roll-on and a myriad of others. Ingredients like zinc complex, Bioflorine, etc. care and protect without any side effects like redness, irritation or marks on clothes which is why so many consumers opt for these particular products.

Various Hygiene Products


Nivea Shampoo – Diamond Volume, Nivea Shower Pure Fresh, Anti-dandruff shampoo, 2-in-1 Gel and shampoo are only some of the hygiene products that offer a revitalizing surge of freshness and hydration to your entire body causing an abiding feeling of enjoyment and pleasantness. The participation of natural constituents, essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants addresses skin concerns and eliminates impurities, dirt, dandruff, flakiness, grease and many other unfavorable hair and skin circumstances.

By availing Nivea shower gels, after shaves, shampoos, age-defying products, etc. you are certain to experience vigor flashing from underneath, youth restored, skin regenerated and profoundly protected. Nivea never settles for being a second choice and it is always at the forefront of innovation, always at a leading and highly influential position.

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