In the year of 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression, that horrifying period of economic and mental turmoil, occurred a glamorous birth of Revlon company. During this particular period, Revlon was a symbol of public bravery, intrepidity and self-expressiveness which was precisely the thing missing. Rising above all difficult circumstances, the brothers Charles and Joseph Revson together with chemist CR Lachman implemented innovative ideas into effect whereby they remarkably changed the beauty industry.

For Lips and Matching Fingertips…”


Revlon’s very first product was Nail Enamel whose multi-colored, opaque shades could be seen on women’s fingertips all around, including the cover of Vogue. A merit that made Revlon conspicuous and different than others was its unprecedented production process – the usage of pigments rather than dyes. In 1950s, Revlon’s noteworthy campaign “Fire & Ice for lips and matching fingertips. A lush-and-passionate scarlet…like flaming diamonds dancing on the moon” conveyed the message that any woman could be just as striking and enchanting as famous Hollywood actresses and starlets.

Throughout the decades of the company’s inexorable progress, the development of new products took place which principally included face and eye makeup and later shampoos, diverse hair treatments, fragrances, hair colors, nail polishes and other beauty aids.

As mentioned earlier, Revlon’s revolutionary Nail Enamel is considered a fundamental product from which emanated all other creations of this phenomenally popular brand. Enamels are in fact, nail polishes available in a myriad of shades and colors. Just like hair and skin, nails are also susceptible to everyday perils typically posed by severe environmental conditions, harsh detergents, or deficiency of hydration. Revlon Nail Enamel is so much more than nail embellisher; in actuality, women have given it high credence due to its nourishing, conditioning and protective properties. With its extraordinary ability to conceal unsightly flaws, avert moisture loss, prevent discoloration and eventually, to make them enticingly beautiful, healthy and shiny, Revlon’s Enamel has become all the rage. The exploitation of ShadeLock Technology and Chip Defiant Formula has led to smooth, radiant, glossy nails resistant to breakage and splitting.

Stand out from the Crowd


Revlon professionalists used their creations as a means of fostering their customers’ internal creativity, giving them a chance to reinvent or express themselves by means of high-quality, diversified cosmetic tools. One such makeup paragon is Super Lustrous Lipstick whose sophisticated nuances tinge the lips with sexiness, sensuality and attractive suppleness making the wearer exponentially alluring. However, that’s only a drop in the bucket compared to all other advantages Revlon lipsticks, lip glosses or gel lip colors bountifully offer. Being infused with vitamins, Avocado Oil, Abyssinian Oil and silk, they revolt against external aggressors, import nourishment, and perfectly define your lips enhancing your image with bold, dramatic or subdued shades.

Live Boldly


Revlon persistently and earnestly persuades us to break the rules of propriety, to somehow find our own sense of freedom and divert from our century-fixed status quo. As surprising as it may appear, makeup tools are saliently perceived as reliable instruments through which a contemporary woman could reveal her true nature, her confidence, and her innate feminine strength that steers the path toward realizing her dreams.

Revlon’s Live Boldly campaign strongly advocates the use of distinct skin care items that always perform exceedingly well and promise to stay true for a prolonged time period. ColorStay Foundation exercises total blemishes-concealing power, occupies a crucial role in protecting against sun rays and delivers irreproachable coverage evoking profound feelings of comfort and lightness.

Among Revlon’s breakthrough foundations that work as skillful architects of your countenance noticeably improving its appearance and rejuvenating its features, this brand offers no more inferior products through which the possibilities to artistically depict your imagination are endless.


From Youthfx Fill+Blur Concealer that erases facial imperfections, through luxurious Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow that elegantly highlights your eyes or Photoready Kajal Eye Pencil that reinforces eye line, cementing the impression of a beautiful face, and all the way to Mascara Dramatic Definition that dramatically highlights your eyelashes, Revlon creations are extremely likely to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Olfactory Collection


Revlon doesn’t deprive us of the fragrant side of its inventions. In 1973, the brand portended the arrival of Charlie that would become the highest ranking fragrance in the world. Charlie Blue is an ageless women’s perfume whose wonderful notes of lush flowers, jasmine, geranium, rose, mossy woods, sandalwood and oak moss add a special feminine touch to your classy outfit on a special, romantic rendezvous or any festive occasion. It is a perfume of an abiding character that shall eternally be prevalent.

Around two decades later, a slightly different perfume edition emerged and was named Charlie White, eponymous to Revlon’s founder. The notes of violet, peach, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, watermelon and rose scatter their sweet, succulent nuances all around and gently yet appreciably remain present throughout the day capturing attention of passerby.


It is an uphill task to enumerate all the products manufactured by the Revlon company. Their quality is irrevocably superior and their effects are largely appreciable as Charles Revson had been exclusively demanding perfection. Revlon’s iconoclastic influence works wonders and as its founders claimed, it’s not just about cosmetics and intensity of colors, it is actually way beyond that. Every lipstick, every eyeshadow, every nail polish is a form of expression of one’s own individuality, the assertion of one’s own traits. Therefore, a woman with a resplendent look and reinforced self-confidence is a woman worth admiring.

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