Unlike other blenders, the one hereby introduced comes with highly advanced properties thus being positioned in the top of the world’s state-of-the-art inventions. This cutting-edge blender utilizes the latest technology in blending hence leading every cooking situation to fruition. What’s more, it comes with a recipe book to help you understand its functionality. This blender is an amazing kitchen appliance with the capacity of blending almost all types of foodstuffs. InnovaGoods potentiates effortless and quick cooking of smoothies, sauces, purees, healthy natural juice and many meals more. As the very name suggests, this is a one-touch mixer blender that only requires you to press down the top to put it in motion. This means that it has no power button.

Its sophisticated and up-to-date design shall appeal to all household members, but above all that, it may greatly serve a function of a cute countertop decoration. Its functionality and design are really in communion. Being made of superior quality materials like PP, ABS and stainless steel and having the power of 250W and a voltage of 230 V, this trailblazing product really proves its power and dominance over other regular blenders.

Its motor is fortified with an extreme power of approximately 11x. It has shredding and grinding blades so feel free to use them according to your preference. The two of its containers have the capacity of 300ml and 500 ml with the depth of 10 cm or 15 cm respectfully. It also has an

1150 ml jug with a lid and a handle, a food pusher, as well as a juice extractor. If you prefer adding larger ingredients, you may do it with a lid that features big holes. On the other hand, the homemakers who enjoy experimenting with smaller ingredients will love the lid with smaller holes. As for the glasses, you get four or them with handles (500 ml each) along with their interchangeable screw tops. There are also 2 lids for hermetic sealing.

This mixer blender includes a recipe book with more than 50 recipes available in six different languages. The recipe book comes in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese. According to the latest customers’ reviews, there is no doubt that InnovaGoods mixer blender is one of the greatest mixers and kitchen appliances you can find on the market. This groundbreaking innovation is a great value for money.


Every household should definitely afford a high-quality blender since this kind of appliance is an important and valuable piece of kitchen equipment. If you enjoy preparing smoothies, sauces, puree, soups, margaritas and plenty of other meals, having a decent blender is highly required. It is completely normal that you get perplexed and confused in the vast selection of different blenders. Knowing and identifying the best one represents a true challenge to the majority of people. We would like to give you some tips regarding various factors you need to consider when purchasing a mixer blender.

Convenience and efficiency

These are the two most important factors that must be considered. It should be an easy to use mixer blender able to deliver the desired results. Some blenders require a deep delving into the manual reading in order to fully understand their operability. Innovagoods comes with a recipe book that facilitates your blending and makes everything considerably easier. This blender holds no complex features whatsoever. Upon mixing or blending your foodstuff, the only effort you have to make is simply pressing the top of the blender to initiate the working process. All the efficiency and convenience that you have been searching for may be found in this blender.


The disappointment induced by purchasing a poorly made item can last a long time. What most people search for is an excellent and long-lasting performance. Innovagoods blender mixer has been cautiously engineering with the assistance of top quality, durable materials.



Blenders are developed by different manufacturers; this means that they are not equal in terms of capacity and power. Unfortunately, most companies do not impart honest info on wattage. When you’re buying a mixer blender, you should buy from a reputable seller only. Make sure that the item has passed all government and consumer requirements. The wattage of a good mixer blender should be between 300-1500 watts. If you are looking for a home blender for your regular kitchen activities, a blender with 300-600 watts would be beyond beneficial. We are enormously happy to inform you that Innovagoods mixer blender has met all the requirements with regards to power and performance.

ase stability

To achieve a peak efficiency and performance, the stability of a blender is a must.

A blender that vibrates a lot when blending is certainly the one to avoid. Innovagoods is excellently structured and features a sturdy base and does not have the tendency to make vibrations during the process of blending.



Another important fact to take into account. Unless you have a large family, a small-sized blender would suffice. This being said, the family size determines the capacity of the blender.

In case of purchasing a blender for business purposes, purchasing a bigger blender is mandatory.

ase of use

The truth is that people rarely think this property through, whereby they make a huge mistake. Every single appliance should be user-friendly, accessible and practical for every family member which implies minimum special and complicated settings. Basically, ON and OFF button, and just a couple of other ones for different functionalities is all you need.

As the whole world is accustomed, we have saved the most delicious part for last. We wholeheartedly recommend the following tasteful recipe called the magical one-ingredient ice cream that will become highly-cherished by its tasters.


  • 1,5 peeled medium bananas
  • 3 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 2 teaspoons honey

Simply blend the bananas in InnovaGoods Mixer Blender until they obtain the consistency of soft ice cream. Mix them in peanut butter and honey, transfer them to a freezer container and freeze until solid. As simple as that.

Innovagoods Mixer Blender has the amazing mastery for preparing the incredibly easy meals with the most appetizing flavor. Whether you opt for a compound of vitamin-rich vegetables or mixture of various fruits, the excellence and preeminence of this product will always be at the highest point.

Greetings from bilablau team.