If you have never had the opportunity to visit Spain but were always curious to know about her genuine spirit and cultural diversity, all you had to do is catch a whiff of one of Loewe perfumes. Their unprecedented compositions reliably mirror the passionate intensity and refined sensuality of this Iberian country and mentally transport the wearer to its lovely islands, bustling streets, baroque churches and medieval lanes. A trace of Loewe enchanting scents evokes a fantastic combination of Spain’s ancient tradition and traits of contemporaneity and it is precisely from this blend that perfumers found inspiration.

Loewe set about as a prominent clothing brand in 1846. In the year of 1872, the German enterprising businessman Enrique Loewe Roessberg whose love for Spanish heritage was overwhelming, came to Spain and joined his forces with a team of handicraftsmen to set up a shop in Madrid. This joint venture heralded the commencement of an extraordinary merchandising story embroidered with goods of superior quality and dedication to modernity. Although principally recognized for its matchless leather goods, Loewe company now comprises men and women’s ready-to-wear fashion, sunglasses, jewelry, fashion accessories and fragrances, all of which are sold in the boutiques of thirty-five countries worldwide.

The Loewe fragrance debut was materialized in the form of women’s fragrance named L de Loewe. This was the company’s point of departure from which all other perfumes emanated. As previously mentioned, the diverse Spanish culture constituted a fertile source of inspiration for the creation of its olfactory impressions. Just like perfumes, the Spanish spirit is both graceful and irreverent, resplendent and mysterious, elegantly replete with ingredients found in nature.

Varied Selection for Men


For modern men who celebrate multiformity and who strongly believe that extremes can easily be harmonized, Solo Loewe is a perfect choice. The ancient city of Toledo has been the main motivational force due to its extensive monumental heritage preserved by three different but conjoined cultures. Similarly, the perfume encompasses the tinge of guava perfectly juxtaposed with marzipan and sandalwood. Correspondingly, Solo Loewe typifies a man who is audacious, classy and composed at the same time.

7 Magical Notes


Another reflection of Spanish tradition and art can professedly be perceived within the composition of 7 Loewe. It is incredibly easy to overindulge in its seven wonderful ingredients that verily suffice when it comes to intensity and masculine power. A fragrance for demonstrably courageous and brave man, toreador or modern-day hero. The accords of pepper, apple, rose, lily-of-the-valley, neroli, incense, cedar, vetiver and musk approach with their vehemence and youthful vigor to bring your manliness out.


By a slight contrast, 7 Loewe Natural is dedicated to urban naturalists. As the hints of yuzu, bitter orange, incense, black pepper, musk, cedar and vetiver drift around him, so does Loewe man rebuilds his confidence. With 7 intoxicating ingredients, his mood is uplifted, attractiveness enhanced and charisma sparked.

For Sport Devotees


If you greatly enjoy physical activities and like experiencing the thrills of various sports but certainly don’t obsess over it, Loewe Pour Homme Sport shall meet your expectations. Surprisingly, elegance and ardent sport enthusiasm can verily be in sync. A man who is deeply committed, self-disciplined but still positive and exuberant would strongly favor the accords of grapefruit, pepper, ocean water and woody tones.

Loewe perfumers have an inherent tendency to harmonize and coordinate oppositions and that peculiar form of expression always turns out well. Loewe 001 Woman was crafted alongside its male counterpart. The two editions signify new beginnings, the irresistible attraction between two sexes; each of them has its own unique character but their personalities are still intimately connected and non-existent without one another. 001 Women is attributed with a wave of tenderness and feminine delicacy. Egyptian jasmine, linen, pink pepper and tangerine “reinterpret the scent of a skin caress” and are depicted as “deep, tender and appealing”. The packaging of the two perfumes are minimally yet artfully designed: it opens on the side like a book or a jewelry box and it features LOEWE logo and perfume’s name embossed on a paperboard. Additionally, a black and white photograph peculiarly adorns a box: female fragrance has a garlic plant whilst the male edition has acanthus.

Fragrance with a Magical Aura


If a perfume was a human being, Aura Loewe would be the unstoppable ball of fire bursting with energy and enthusiasm. The nuances of rose otto, Loewe’s signature leather, raspberry and magnolia betoken with their irreproachable characters a woman with attitude, indefatigable energy, vivacious spirit but accentuated and pure femininity. With this fragrance, you never know what you are going to get and it is precisely its mysteriousness that makes it so tempting.

Another proud member of Loewe fragrance family is Agua de Loewe Mar de Colar, a fragrance that invokes adventurous moments of sailing on the Pacific towards the Great Coral Reef. This perfume is an invitation to exciting marine adventure where you could tremendously enjoy all the beauties of nature and explore the unfathomable sea depths that hide refreshing coral shades. Even the flacon evokes the images of pristinely clean sea water embellished with a picture of corals that instantly call for aquatic journeys. Icy mint, lily-of-the-valley, pomelo, yuzu, sparkling grapefruit and several other cooling tones muster an untainted composition suitable for both women and men.

A myriad of miscellaneous flowers, aromatic herbs, citruses, spices and woody notes have been comprised together to form wonderful olfactory amalgamations under the prominent Loewe logo. Loewe professionals have managed to skillfully depict the innermost particulars of Spain. The materials and designs of Perfumes Loewe bottles don’t lack in quality either. With the materials like metal, crystal, leather, wood and gold, it is certainly not a challenge to present a fragrance in the most luxurious form possible. No wonder it is often claimed that Loewe perfumes are for smelling but also for touching.

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