Tabac Original – a major landmark in the vast world of fragrances and grooming products. The year of 1959 marked the establishment of one of the most distinguished brands whose experts have done the utmost to fulfill the stringent and demanding requirements of every man. Tabac was created by Mäurer & Wirtz, a German manufacturer of personal care products and perfumes. This market-leading brand has been actively engaged in producing cleansing items, shaving products, articles of overall care and fragrances: basically, four fundamental steps in the daily grooming routine every man should exercise.

You are the Original”

The startlingly original scent of Tabac essentially involves peppery-spicy notes encompassed by exotic woods and floral compound. The trails of bergamot, neroli, lavender, as well as hints of tobacco, vanilla and oakmoss have been employed in all Tabac products. It is their signature aroma by which they are publicly recognized and acknowledged. This umistakable synergy mirrors a sheer masculinity that men ardently covet; Tabac Original fragrance is the embodiment of sensuality, manly refinement and unexpectedness.

The house of Mäurer & Wirtz thought of its 55th anniversary as the right time for a new bottle look. That being said, they certainly didn’t want to deviate from tradition to enormous extents but instead, the idea was the introduction of new, modern details. Therefore, the bottle retained its simple yet assertive shape and the alterations were manifested in the form of lucid logo in the very center of the amphora, new cap with matte finishing touch and slightly brightened flacon that emphasizes a genuine cosmetic look. The most important aspect that remained consistent and unchanged is its authentic composition whose character verily commands attention and deserves highest commendations.

After all, the message conveyed by this aromatic fougere and the new campaign is: “You are the Original”.

Tabac fragrance is available in the edition of eau de toilette, eau de cologne, shaving soap, shower gel, hair cream, aftershave, and deodorant.

Tremendously Superior Shave


After getting closely familiarized and firmly convinced of the authenticity of Tabac Original scent and its memorable traits that are fit to be worn during both formal and casual occasions, the basic grooming options cannot pass unmentioned. The discreet presence of the Tabac scent can be felt within the composition of the infallible Tabac Shaving Soap in Bowl or its two counterparts: Tabac Shaving Cream or Shaving Foam.

We simply cannot stress enough the importance of these pre-shave lotions that adequately prepare the skin for the irritating process of shaving. Tabac Shaving Soap in a Bowl is a classic product through which a shaving tradition is well-preserved as it really takes you back to old-fashioned grooming modes. It makes you totally ready for the blade by softening the whiskers, facilitating a close shave and leaving you suffused with the highly celebrated Tabac scent complemented with the tones of petite grain, chamomile, oakwood and ambergris.

Also, the grooming connoisseurs who possess the innate sense for detecting high-quality products will heavily rely on Tabac Shaving Cream or Shaving Foam whose luxurious lathers potentiate effortless slithering movements across the face. These natural, glycerin-infused lubricants are prime contributors to the well-being of even the most sensitive skin type and they comply with every application method you prefer. Cuts, nicks and razor burns are very likely to fade into oblivion.

Similarly, Tabac Pre-Electric Shave confers softening and hydrating benefits on the skin enabling a smooth shave and effortless gliding of electric razor. Even though this marvelous pre-shave treatment is bound to impede the unpleasant shaving sensations, the significance of post-shave “face therapies” is not to be neglected. A freshly-shaven face has to receive a mitigating and calming end result.

Post-Shave Relief


Given that shaving removes the outermost skin layer leaving the face with that unpleasant feeling of irritation and dryness, the subsequent usage of after shave products is indispensable. Tabac after shaves are known to provide lubrication and utmost protection. Furthermore, if your shaven skin desperately yearns for some soothing effect and relaxation, these lotions might offer their selfless helping hand. Keeping the pores refined, skin refreshed and toned without the presence of bacteria are their specialty. Tabac After Shave Lotion or After Shave balm make sure you experience a vastly enjoyable shave; as a matter of fact, they’re destined to become your fastest, impediment-free path towards a properly cultivated appearance.

Lavish Personal Care


Regarding the matters of body cleanliness and personal hygiene, according to the millions of clients, Tabac outshines plenty of the currently existing brands. As a powerful antidote to germs- and bacteria- covered skin that often loses its radiance and suppleness, you might avail yourself to the Tabac Original Luxury Soap Bar and gradually spread a seductive manly fragrance all over your body and bathroom as well. The gentle yet effective properties of this superb cleansing tool will not fall short of your expectations.

After the divine showering experience, the reasonable follow-up product is a deodorant. Accredited with greatest reliability, Tabac deo spray acquired massive admiration, popularity and demand. Having passed numerous dermatologist tests, this elementary grooming aid delivers both nourishing and odor-repelling properties. Thorough care, effective protection, absence of white marks and high duration is what you get from this product. By contrast, if deo sprays oppose to your preference, you can always find your required surge of moisture and freshness in Tabac Deo Stick and Roll-On.

Tabac has taken into account some wonderful hair products that acquit as natural hair injections. Tabac Hair Lotion Oil, for instance, yields extraordinary benefits for both hair and scalp. The content of caffeine and panthenol revitalize the hair when it really screams for help. Hair products that appertain to this brand encourage circulation, condition and provide hair with body, definition and vitality.


Just a waft of Tabac Original fragrance will doubtlessly influence your entire mood and amaze with its memorable character that exudes masculinity. Likewise, those who fervently advocate wet shaving shall be infatuated with the matchless combination of rich lather and a well-known scent comprised of floral notes, spicy accents and exotic woods. So if you are on the hunt for optimal grooming tools that would treat you like a true gentleman and display your cultivated masculinity, you have indeed come to the right place.

Greetings from bilablau team.