Commonly regarded as the queen of American fashion, Donna Karan has acquired an enviable reputation, establishing herself as a successful, multi talented business woman and innovator creditable for the origination of a host of versatile products such as fragrances, lingerie, body care treatments, home accessories, menswear, childrenswear, and of course, the extensive range of miscellaneous items catered solely for women.

Daughter to a model and haberdasher, Donna Karan developed an early love for fashion which eventually turned into a deep, genuine dedication. The year of 1984 saw the birth of the Donna Karan New York brand, prior to which she truly triumphed as a masterly designer for Anne Klein. Nevertheless, the resolution to strike out on her own was irrevocably a momentous one. From then onward, D. Karan principally targeted ambitious, exuberant young women, real metropolitans, but also had men’s fashion requirements in mind.


Parallel to clothing and other accessories, her divine scents sparked her success, especially the ones offered under the DKNY label. Donna had a strong penchant for everything related to urban sophistication and was inspired by an ardor of youth she encountered in the personality of New York women (as Donna herself was born in NY), wherefore a scope of Be Delicious perfumes was launched.


As a celebration of a life full of youthful vigor and renewed vim, a fragrance named Be Delicious was concocted. The upper notes of violet leaf, apple, grapefruit and magnolia virtually command undivided attention solidifying it even more with the central tones of lily of the valley, rose, violet and tuberose. The fervent excitement subsides with amber, musk and sandalwood. “Be Delicious” is a shew of feminine boldness just like Red Delicious through which you may fully abandon yourself to the opulent accords of champagne, apple, lychee, raspberry, vanilla, amber and musk. The “Red” version lets you imbibe a good deal of female sensuality eventually making you incredibly desirable and attractive. After all, being daring and courageous is synonymous with being sexy.

Our currently favorite grande dame did not concentrate exclusively on Manhattan lights, NY glamour and life in the fast lane. Quite the contrary, she was desirous of something more relaxing this time, something that would put mind at ease and be your avenue of escape. DKNY Delicious Delights Cool Swirl Eau de Toilette, a tropical bouquet whose gentle waft evokes a mental picture of a pleasant shiny day that can bring nothing but pure enjoyment and tranquility. The nuances of magnolia, jasmine, pistachio sorbet, blackcurrant and heliotrope go to outlandish lengths to supply you with plenty of lighthearted moments.


And what seems like a good, natural combination with hot summer days? A basket full of fresh fruit and ice cream, of course. Although packed in a slightly different form, DKNY Delicious Delights Fruity Rooty is as sweet as the very first lick of ice cream made of blackberries, candy apples, luscious sorbet, powdery violet and vanilla. Once again, we have a perfume that literally ingratiates itself with you helping you indulge in the feelings of extreme comfort and pleasantness.

Pure DKNY Donna Karan for Women


Donna was a staunch advocate of women’s independence, power and their active participation in every sphere of public and private domain. This is, assuredly, the main reason she decided to launch Pure DKNY, a perfume that partnered with CARE (Humanitarian aid company) in an initiative that would enable women in Uganda to educate, work and financially support their families. Empowerment, self-reliance and determination are, in fact, three quintessential merits that adorn a modern woman. An assiduous attention was devoted to a single, paramount ingredient that gives the whole composition a meaning – Ugandan vanilla. Other notes are dewdrop floral petals, lotus, Bulgarian rose in the top, jasmine, freesia and orchid in the middle and white amber, sandalwood and vanilla in water in the base.

“Delete the Negative, Accentuate the Positive”


Throughout her illustrious career, it was apparent that Donna was quite deferential to women and was eager to show what being a woman actually means. But above all that, she never hesitated to profess a passionate love and deep attachment she had for her beloved place of birth, that is, New York. In the City of Dreams, Donna was demonstrably happy and fulfilled which can be professedly noticed and perceived through her fragrances that encourage us to delete the negative and accentuate the positive. DKNY My NY is an act of reverence toward the big city, thousands of possibilities and opportunities it offers, its inspiring lights, nocturnal thrills, crowded streets, boroughs, Times Square and whatnot. Even the perfume’s flacon is suggestive of NY skyscrapers, whilst the upper heart shape is indicative of the abiding love for New York. My NY bears an avenue of smells that convey a vivid, urban spirit: raspberry, pink pepper and galbanum, fortified by Egyptian jasmine, freesia and orris, and completed with vanilla absolute, musk, ambergris and patchouli Heart LMR.

Something for Men


In order not to diminish the importance of male grooming rituals, Donna has meticulously prepared some fragrances for men population as well. Centered around NY once again, DKNY Men is effervescent, electric and purely masculine and is well compatible with the dynamic personality of a contemporary man. On a hot summer day, the revitalizing chords of mandarin, ivy leaf and red maple maintain your inner level of energy making you ready for daily challenges. The New York skyscrapers shape the bottle one more time.


It can be clearly seen that Donna derived inspiration from the adventurous spirit, complete freedom and inexhaustible energy of the New York City and its citizens. By means of her fashion creations and fragrances, she artistically depicts the spontaneous and undiminished enthusiasm possessed by a modern woman. At DNKY, women pursue their passions, reach their full potential, lay aside their fears and are intimately connected with the city they love. And as Donna once said: 

“Everything I do is a matter of heart, body and soul.”

Greetings from bilablau team.