Regardless of how thick-skinned and insensitive some people might believe to be, visiting a dentist’s office is certainly one of the most hateful things that one can imagine, but it is still something that you simply cannot avoid. Although nothing exceeds the importance of regular check-ups, you are presented with tons of options that could greatly assist in good dental hygiene and thus highly reduce the number of dental visits per year. As a matter of fact, the number of versatile dental products, equipment and supplies on the market is so high that one really has no excuse for bad mouth hygiene, and what’s more, all of these items are generously offered at Bilablau online shop.

Proper Dental Care

Before deeply exploring some of our highly-regarded products, we would eagerly like to raise the awareness about the significance of maintaining good oral health.
It is a generally acknowledged fact that oral health is a mirror to your overall health meaning that the majority of issues in your mouth might easily affect the remainder of your body. Cardiovascular diseases, premature birth, endocarditis, diabetes, osteoporosis are just some of the grave diseases that might potentially strike your body. With this connection, in order to adequately protect your oral health and thereby the health of the entire body, the practice of following activities must be carried out:

  • Teeth brushing at least twice a day

  • Daily flossing

  • Healthy diet

  • Regular toothbrush replacement (every three to four months)
  • Tobacco avoidance

Brushing and flossing are often interrelated and skimping on these two components may cause plaque build up along gumline, create conducive environment for bacteria accumulation, and induce different gum and teeth diseases. Frequent teeth brushing and flossing (and their respective techniques) not only keeps your smile attractive but it preserves the general oral health, prevents bad breath and teeth discoloration, and totally removes even the tiniest food particles thus decreasing the risk of cavity and decay.

On the flip side, there are several other extremely relevant factors that highly influence the condition of your teeth and gums and one of those factors entails a good, balanced diet. Limited number of snacks, sweets, chocolate and increased intake of water, fresh fruits and vegetables and low-fat foods would assuredly reflect positively on your overall mouth condition. And finally, the detrimental habit of smoking is definitely something that most people should break themselves of for it is presumably the chief culprit behind bad teeth and bad breath as well.

After seeing into the fundamental elements of appropriate dental hygiene, supplying yourself with essential dental care accessories should be the next step. Since Bilablau is well-known for its versatility, superior quality and never-ending discounts, detailed below are only some of its products closely associated with oral hygiene.

Toothpaste Dispenser with Toothbrush Holder

Starting off with the items that would significantly contribute to the bathroom design, the InnovaGoods Toothpaste Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder appear like a happy solution. Keeping the toothbrushes well-organized, always at hand and constantly sanitized sounds like a brilliant idea. This convenient toothbrush organizer is able to accommodate 5 toothbrushes and hence largely avoid dirt and germs. Likewise, the toothpaste dispenser distributes just the right amount of toothpaste every time thus preventing the uncontrolled toothpaste wastage. The best of all, the need for batteries, wires and installation is totally eliminated which further enhances its convenience. All in all, it is indeed a fantastic addition to your bathroom in terms of both décor improvement and functionality.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Heads

Proceeding towards more concrete stuff, the product that mustn’t get unmentioned is Oral-B Precision Clean Electric toothbrush – the sophisticated tool that will leave your whole mouth cavity perfectly taken care of upon each brushing. Opting for this particular brush would surely be a good decision especially since its bristles have the capacity of delivering up to 48,000 movements a minute. Besides this incredible feature, the bristles entirely surround each tooth and leave it immaculately cleaned and polished thanks to the amazing 3D cleaning system. Another utterly important detail related to scrupulous teeth cleanliness is regular toothbrush head replacement. Bear in mind that frayed bristles have minimum or no effect at all. Luckily, this pack contains 8 brand new heads that are compatible with all Oral-B electric toothbrush handles, except for Oral-B Pulsonic.

Dental Water Jet

Now here’s something innovative, highly advanced and original that most of you are probably unfamiliar with. There are alternative methods of keeping the teeth sparkling clean that do not involve brushing at all. Power Floss – Air Powered Dental Water Jet employs the state-of-the-art air infusion technology that gently yet efficiently washes away debris and food particles. When the force of air and power of water intertwine, the spectacular results emerge and this fusion virtually ostracizes bacteria from hard-to-reach areas, between teeth, around braces, crowns and implants. A labor-saving, clever device that is unquestionably worthy of investment.  dental hygiene

The Unmatched Colgate Protection
One of the leading dental hygiene brands is undoubtedly the Colgate company that has so much to offer. A product that singles out as a first class dentifrice is the amazing Colgate Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste. As the very name indicates, this toothpaste has a high content of fluoride that strengthens the tooth enamel and increases teeth resistance to decay. The superb mint taste is in charge of retaining the freshness of breath whilst other crucial components effectively fight and heal cavities. A remarkable toothpaste that meets the requirements of the entire family.

Efficient Mouthwash Treatment

Oral-B company has thought of everything. Another of its powerful inventions is the Complete Mouthwash – a great tool against gingivitis, decay and many other oral cavity issues. This extraordinary mouth cleansing liquid inhibits the plaque build-up, strengthens and repairs enamel, freshens up your breath with the strong-smelling mint flavor and totally destroys bacteria in-between brushes. Although nothing is more important than brushing, mouth rinsing has its valuable function as well that should not be neglected or dismissed.

Jordan Manual Toothbrush

Fo those of you who do not particularly fancy electric toothbrushes and wish to stick to tradition, Jordan Classic Hard Toothbrush would certainly be an optimal, long-lasting solution. It has been highly recommended by dentists worldwide for its hard yet utterly gentle bristles that won’t incur damage to gums or enamel. On the contrary, the bristles are so tough on stains but very gentle on teeth and gums. Even the tight space between the teeth, hard-to-reach areas and tongue will be properly taken care of after only 2-3 minutes of brushing.

Exquisite Close-Up Toothpastes

Transcending all bad conditions that prevail in the mouth cavity has never been so easy. The appearance of Close-Up red toothpaste as well as its counterpart – the excellent Close-Up green toothpaste has been a true revelation for most people. These toothpastes know no bounds when it comes to complete mouth cleanliness, teeth whitening and resistance to decay. They demonstrate exceptional prowess and truly make a discernible difference upon every single wash with regards to tartar and plaque removal, breath refreshment and cavity prevention.

Taking everything into consideration, the right instruments for thorough dental care are totally within your reach and are more accessible than ever. So wait no more and get a complete smile makeover today!

Greetings from bilablau team.