Notwithstanding that egg boiling appears as easy as falling off a log, there are actually masses of people who consider it rather difficult to boil eggs in their preferred manner. The chances of white getting undercooked or yolk having inconsistent texture are considerably high, and not to mention the formidable task of egg peeling. With an eye toward avoiding spending too much precious time in the kitchen and minimizing physical effort of cooking, home appliance manufacturers have come up with the brilliant idea of creating a small appliance commonly called „Egg Boiler“ that really eventuated a major triumph. But before detailing all the advantages of this dependable gadget, let us highlight some of the principal health advantages brought by perfectly boiled eggs.

Cogent Reasons to Eat Boiled Eggs

Weight Management

Eggs are great sources of proteins that generate almost inexhaustible energy in our bodies hence making us feel full for longer time period. Additionally, eggs are low in saturated fat, have low amount of calories and are generally considered lean proteins that are fundamental components to proper weight regulation. Eventually, the muscle strength can largely be increased with the appropriate egg intake.

Especially beneficial to hair, nails and eyes

Do you know what happens if you eat one egg a day? Given that eggs are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, you may easily prevent macular degeneration and avoid the risk of cataracts. As far as nails and hair are concerned, the high concentration of sulfur, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants positively influence the health of the aforementioned body parts.

Brain Function Improvement

Another valuable egg constituent is choline, a nutrient that does a great job of regulating the nervous system, brain and overall cardiovascular health. It also maintains the structure of brain cell membranes which allows for message transmission from the brain to muscles and nerves. And perhaps one of the most salient facts is that this particular egg-contained nutrient encourages fetal brain development and inhibits various birth defects.
Apropos to all this and taking into account how eagerly nutritionist and doctors urge us to consume boiled eggs, you’ll all agree that immaculately cooked eggs take a good appliance specifically intended for these purposes. Even though a superb egg consistency may be accomplished with the help of Rice Cooker for instance, a simple Egg Boiler qualifies as a device that costs next to nothing and still produces impressive results. Professional cooks and experienced housewives have been preaching the power of this nifty gadget for a while now chiefly because they require no special skills, they save time and yet somehow always manage to perform exceptionally well.

The right appliance at the right time

The product of admirable qualities that singles out is the amazing Tristar Egg Boiler EK-3074 that is, first and foremost, spatially efficient, modernly designed and incredibly easy to use. It is extraordinarily adept at boiling eggs to your desired level – SOFT, MEDIUM or HARD while saving water and time as well. Generally speaking, egg boilers with similar characteristics to this one operate so effortlessly: you only need to fill the measuring jug with water to the desired firmness, press the power button and wait for a couple of minutes until the „ready signal“ buzzes and the device turns off automatically. What’s more, the integrated piercer has an important function of piercing the air pocket of an eggshell to prevent the shell from cracking upon the process of hard boiling. The generated steam is released through the exhaust valve positioned on the transparent lid, and obviously the egg tray you receive is completely detachable. Owing to the previously elaborated benefits, it is no wonder Egg Boilers experienced explosive growth worldwide.

The Best Egg Peeling Method

After your eggs have been boiled to perfection, it certainly won’t be a problem to peel them. Typically, when you start peeling an egg that has been boiled in an ordinary pot, you frequently deteriorate the smooth surface of the white or the shell gets jammed into your nail bed causing pain. Egg Boilers possess that special aptitude to hugely simplify the subsequent egg peeling task and we have many thanks to give the egg piercer for that.  

  • So once you have taken the eggs out of the boiler, cool them with cold water to contract the egg inside the shell and create more space.

  • The next step is cracking the shell at each end with one-two taps using a tablespoon.

  • Finally, begin the peeling chore at the wide end with the air pocket, using the side of your thumb. The smooth egg surface will only appear if you remove both the shell and the thin, white membrane.

  • As Egg Boilers never fail to adequately cook the eggs, the shell will come off in a matter of seconds.

How to Properly Operate the Egg Boiler

  • Position the egg boiler upright on a sturdy, flat surface.
  • Fill the measuring cup with the corresponding amount of cold water depending on the desired firmness and number of eggs. For instance, if you would like 4 medium boiled eggs, fill the jug to the line that corresponds to the medium egg line and number 4, and then pour water into the tray.
  • Pierce the air pocket of an eggshell with the integrated egg piercer to prevent the eggs from cracking during the cooking procedure.
  • Put the eggs on the egg holder. Place the egg holder (filled with eggs) on the water tray and close the lid.
  • Turn the machine on and the control light will illuminate.
  • As soon as the eggs are ready, the buzzer will sound, the light will turn off and the Boiler will turn off automatically.
  • Remove the egg holder with the eggs from the tray and hold them under cold water to end the boiling process.
  • After a short cool-down time of around 5 minutes, you will be able to use the boiler again.
  • Unplug the appliance after use.

Eggs are ancient symbols of rebirth and fertility and have thus occupied a prominent position within religious and culinary spheres as well. Considering how nutritive boiled eggs are and the ample amount of vitamins, minerals and diverse proteins they provide, this strongly favored food type will never cease to be popular. Therewithal, if you cook them in the right appliance to your preferred degree, their benefits shall even go beyond what we are already used to. So how to you like yours?

Greetings from bilablau team.