The establishment of Shiseido company was a watershed in the history of beauty industry. This Japanese brand with glorious past achieved grand respect and secure position as the fourth largest company in the world. It was founded by Arinobu Fukuhara in 1872 in Tokyo as a breakthrough Western-style pharmacy. What’s utterly fascinating about Shiseido is their method of merging Western and Eastern Art, Science and Pharmacology together with an overriding aim: to engineer a product of unsurpassed quality. In 1915, Arinobu’s son Shinzo took over the company, became one of the luminaries of cosmetology and converted Shiseido into a production cosmetic laboratory for the implementation of brilliant artistic and scientific ideas. Shinzo’s painstaking researches, explorations of American pharmacology and dedication to natural, high-quality ingredients were enormously fruitful and in due course, met Shiseido makeup, cosmetic preparations, hair care products, and fragrances with conspicuous success.

Large Assortment of Hair Care Products


The peculiar name Shiseido originated from an ancient Chinese divination text called I Ching, that is, “Book of Changes”, and it is actually the reflection of Western learning and Oriental style. Shiseido trained professionals went beyond the usual limits of medicine, gathering elements from nature and deliberating over the right techniques to get the most favorable results from their formulas.


The company’s contribution to hairdressing industry is verily invaluable; hair salons, as well as individual customers, have the chance to receive all the bounty from extensive range of shampoos like Silk Moisture Shampoo from Senscience line that protects and nourishes with sweet almond extract and silk protein, or Senscience Balance Conditioner that artfully hydrates hair cuticles with thistle, natural sugars and Vitamin B.

Essential Makeup Kit


Shiseido once again displayed its meticulousness in the realms of makeup. All the face beautifiers from their inexhaustible store exceed the purpose of mere procedure of prettifying. Paperlight Cream Eye Color, for instance, doesn’t just tinge your eyelids with a rich, matte color, but it also impresses with its feather-light finish, crease-resistant formula and splendid hydrating advantages of Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE EX. Some complementary products to be applied alongside your eyeshadow are high-pigmented Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara, Automatic Fine Eyeliner or any other beauty aid by which you can flaunt your beautiful eyes.

Given that Shiseido art, science and philosophy were primarily based on all the virtues of the Earth, Shinzo and his pharmacists decided to import them into their skin care products as well. Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation is enriched with the Mother of Thyme and St. John’s Wort Extract that ensure any damage or roughness prevention and promise flawless, synchronized coverage. Translucent Loose Powder, on the other hand, has Bio-Evening Primrose Oil that injects hydration maintaining a satin smooth finish.

As a final flourish, there’s Veiled Rouge Lipstick to complete your look and lead it to absolute perfection.

Age-Resisting Line


In the premises of Shiseido company ruled an undeniable fact that pharmacy and cosmetics were inextricably linked. As its quality and demand steadily grew, so did the development of their anti-aging products that were constantly subjected to ameliorations, improvements and upgrades. Advanced Essential Energy Body Firming Cream contains an abundance of antioxidants to protect, correct skin’s roughness and unveil smoother, luminous body skin free of aging spots. Shiseido is simply indefatigable in its attempts to make women look more prestigious, confident and hence attractive. Consequently, the components such as Licorice and Okura Extract, Uji Green Tea, Oshima Sakura Leaf and plenty of other Japanese ingredients have been incorporated into the content of Shiseido medicinal creams that prolong youth, tighten the skin and create more sculpted appearance. Some of those serums are Future Solution LX Intensive Firming Contour Serum, Perfect Hydrating BB Cream, Ibuki Refining Moisturizer Enriched, Bio Performance Lift Dynamic Cream, Bio-Performance Glow Revival, Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Day Emulsion and a slew of others.

Scrupulous Sun Care


The year of 1993 saw the introduction of a broad sun care line that now employs the synergy of age-defying ingredients, moisturizing properties and sun-defensive shield and that’s a telling argument that witnesses the potential of all Shiseido creations. Expert Sun Aging Cream is a mineral-based sunscreen, so nice and light that it matches all types, including the delicate children skin. The majority of sunscreens from this brand are empowered by WetForce Technology that intensifies the power of the cream when the applied area comes into contact with water. Not the mention the broad spectrum protection hereby offered that delays the formation of aging indicators. Namely, the Sun Protection Stick Foundation SPF37 utilizes SuperVeil-UV 360TM Technology that keeps the skin safe from any external jeopardy.

In the course of concocting body-remedial products, Shiseido specialist had in mind the women who comprehensively cultivated their appearance and refused to settle for anything inferior. Considering this, a lot of women have vouched for the excellent performance of Self-Tanning Lotion Brilliant Bronze that soothes and protects with the helping hand of Vitamin B, but also opens up an easy, painless way towards irresistible, sun-kissed tan. Therefore, our favorite Japanese company certainly doesn’t prioritize one aspect of skin care over another; instead, it does its best to fulfill the desires and needs of all individual customers and that is precisely its underlying motivation.

Apes to Gentlemen


The incessant pushing of the boundaries resulted in even faster development, so in 2004, the interestingly named skincare line (Apes and Gentlemen) appeared just for men. A variety of shaving, hydrating and anti-aging formulas emerged and presented men with a multitude of grooming options. As the years go by, a modern man exposed to urban factors such as pollution, stress and UV rays increases the risk of higher sebum levels, deep lines and wrinkles. Luckily, the remarkable Shiseido formulations cropped up as a rescue for puffiness, sagging, dark circles, etc. Inspired by the powers of Hyaluronic Acid, diverse multi-faceted regenerating creams were tailored to the structure of male skin. Whether you opt for Men Moisturizing Emulsion, rosemary and super bio-yeast rich Men Total Revitalizer, Men Moisturizing Recovery Cream, you are bound to win the battle against aging predicaments.

Fragrance Corner


Saving the best for last, we can’t help but mention some of the Shiseido’s most prominent perfumes. Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette is a symbol of pristine natural beauty, unflagging energy and delicate femininity specially highlighted by the notes of lotus, cyclamen, orange blossom absolute, sylkolide musk and Hinoki wood. Another vivifying scent is Energizing Eau de Parfum whereas the Zen represents an incarnation of inherent vibrancy and contentment that every woman deserves to feel.


Shiseido is a family empire with a 140-year long tradition, vivid history and superior products that have filled the bathroom shelves of deluxe hotels and private residencies around the world. It is another word for unrivaled quality and meritorious performance that provides a whole new body caring experience.

Greetings from bilablau team.