Treating yourself to a decent blow-dry is not something you would dare to call sybaritic, but it unquestionably serves its purposes of yielding those little pleasures and luxuries that you are in need of after enduring all sorts of daily obligations at work or repetitive chores and responsibilities at home. But in order to attain that priceless feeling of relaxation, you are going to need a hairdryer with irreproachable qualities, that is, a hairdryer that is subservient to you in any event. Parlux has prepared a broad range of fastidiously engineered hair dryers attributed with the faculties of supplying the hair with maximum comfort, appealing smoothness and easy manageability.

The Company’s Growth


Paolo Parodi, the brilliant founder of the staid company Parlux accepted hair grooming activity as his métier. In the late 70’s, this enterprising and go-ahead Italian innovator endeavored to perform a great deal of painstaking researches and studies which eventually led to the production of top-grade blow dryers. The principal reason why the reputation of Parlux brand skyrocketed to maximum lengths is the employment of the leading-edge technologies, state-of-the-art technical features and the indefatigable desire for innovativeness.

By commencing with their very first project called “Superturbo 1500”, Parlux experts truly made their way to secure a steady place among the professional manufacturers which gave them the immediate impetus to strive forward diligently. High-resistant motor, rapid temperature shift and handy switches were only the initial points that have proven to be utterly dependable and durable. Not long after, followed the emergence of “Superturbo 2000” with noticeably improved characteristics, Parlux 2800 whose capacities surpassed all the previous ones in terms of greater power, 2 speed temperature control or immediate cold-air shot, and a vast number of other dryers that withstand the test of time, resist extensive use and meet both functional and esthetic requirements. This superior status can be confirmed and attested by their obtention of the Certification ISO 9001/2000 for Design and Production of Electrical Equipment for Hairdressers.

Designed for Professionals


It is evident why the Parlux products have been declared tour de force, as their masterful techniques and skills never fail to deliver unimpeachable results. Their particular distinctions will satisfy the demanding requirements of even the most punctilious persons. Over the course of several decades, these hairdryers have been of incredible avail to hairdressers worldwide, but their use is certainly not constrained to hair salons only; in fact, they’ve become faithful hairdressing partners to the infinite number of individuals. Here are some of the best representatives:

Parlux 385 Powerlight, a highly praised hairdryer that will literally ingratiate itself with you. Owing to the integrated silencer, its low noise will bring minimum or no annoyance at all. Being immensely powerful and lightweight at the same time, it has been a popular choice among hair stylists as it doesn’t have the tendency to cause any fatigue while working. Furthermore, it dries at the flick of a switch thus saving energy and causing no harm to the environment. Two speeds, 4 temperatures, Ionic & Ceramic Technology, air flow 79 m3/h and an array of other properties are in charge of maintaining the good health of your hair. Available in multiple colors.

Parlux 3500 Supercompact, on the other hand is made for the stylists who are constantly on the go. This Ionic & Ceramic Device is small, compact, extremely lightweight and no less effective than its larger counterparts. The uniformed heat distribution is a guarantee and the risks of hair damage are brought to naught. With the assistance of this hairdryer, you make your hair more resistant to severe weather conditions such as sunlight, dust or wind. The hair is simply meant to look resplendent, shiny and polished which is an overriding aspect that attracts hair artists towards this very product.

By properly blow-drying your hair, you give it a whole new lease of life. In this connection, Parlux offers different hairdryer attachments among which we can single out the Diffuser 3800, designed to be connected to the Parlux 3800 Eco-Friendly. Besides being conducive to environmental enthusiasts, this add-on is thoughtfully crafted with the inclusion of top quality materials and importantly, it gives a helping hand in the formation of perfect curls and voluminous, head-turning look.

So, to recap, we have the involvement of Ionic & Ceramic Technology, light-weight, extremely long life, low energy consumption, enormous power, instant cold shot button, ergonomic design, easy-to-use switches, eco-friendliness, and reliability come what may. On top of that, Parlux items have the incorporated silencer which automatically implies minimized noise. However, for those who are overly-sensitive to any type of noise, there is a revolutionary Melody Silencerthe ingenious device that takes an active role in eliminating sound waves by 45%. This is especially beneficial to salon owners as they get to work in a harmonious atmosphere without disrupting the background music or the conversation between clients. Made of shock-resistant material, very light and attachable to all Parlux hairdryers.

Air-Dry vs. Blow-Dry


As maintained by the scientists, keeping your scalp wet for several hours, especially during winter days) might potentially put your health in grave peril. Other than that, you increase the risk of accumulating bacteria and fungus hence weakening the hair structure. Likewise, the probability of split ends, further damage and detestable knots is quite outspread.


By contrast, if performed correctly, blow-drying process may provide the hair with vitality, exuberance and appealing fullness. Parlux heat styling tools possess an astounding sculpting power; in actuality, they work as phenomenal hairstyle supporters and shapers. Individuals that struggle with wavy or curly hair can draw a significant amount of benefits from these dryers as they make every hair situation more manageable. However, regardless of the absolute style control you get to exercise while blow-drying, a great heed and care is advised upon the operation if you wish to attain immaculately groomed and healthy hair.

Guidelines for a Perfect Blow-Dry


  1. Begin with towel-dried hair and use a hair primer, cream, oil or some other styling product to combat frizz, tame flyaways and protect against heat damage.
  2. The temperature should not exceed 45 C degrees because high heat causes a loss of moisture leaving the hair brittle and dehydrated.
  3. The optimal distance should be 15 cm to elude the unpleasant burning sensations; be gentle and remember to stick to the medium or low heat.
  4. Don’t focus the hairdryer on one spot for too long. Make plenty of movements and avoid being static. Brush each layer to the opposite direction your hair normally goes to create volume.
  5. In order to keep your style locked, finish by blasting your hair with a cool air to smooth out the cuticle. Also, complete with a light hairspray to preserve all the prettiness you’ve worked so hard for.

Don’t forgo the opportunity of having a professional blow-dry every time you wash your hair. Parlux technicians have made sure that hair-drying doesn’t become one of those laborious and arduous tasks that you would gladly omit from your established grooming routine. These high-tech devices employ the latest technologies, incredibly resistant and powerful motors, noise reduction and other favorable features that produce spectacular results and provide tremendous comfort without wreaking havoc on the hair. So shape, style, mold and blow-dry your hair like a true pro!

Greetings from bilablau team.