The ancient Mediterranean civilizations and Asian cultures were intimately familiar with all the techniques and methods that led to breathtaking hair beauty. In this light, Orofluido experts were certain that an act of departing from tradition would be an utterly disadvantageous move so instead they’ve made a momentous decision of upholding it. Apart from ingredients derived from these world parts, Orofluido detected another natural resource that hides miraculous herbs and plants tremendously worthy for genuine hair care, i.e. the Amazon rainforest.

The pristine ingredients employed in the complex composition of Orofluido products emanated precisely from Eastern Asia, ancient civilizations and Amazonia. Throughout the years, they’ve been materialized in the form of essential oils that act as key forces characterized by an inherent ability to make conspicuous changes in every hair type.

Powerful Blend of Remedial Oils

Argan Oil, “a precious liquid gold of the desert” of unexcelled value has been extensively used as a cosmetic tool by the Berber women of Morocco who are commonly known for their flawless beauty. When this invaluable oil first entered Europe, its use was confined to the affluent and wealthy exclusively since it was extortionately high-priced, but today, the access to it is unrestricted for many, luckily for us.

Cyperus oil, whose countless virtues are still unceasing, was perhaps the favorite beauty choice for Cleopatra, whose surpassing beauty is hugely admired even today. Thanks to the effects of this magical oil, her hair was never listless or brittle; on the contrary, its remarkable softness and volume made her an alluring Egyptian temptress.

Linseed oil, widely used by Hebrews, Egyptians and Phoenicians, is an epitome of luxuriance and sleekness. Incentivized by its enormous benefits, the European ruler King Charlemagne passed a law in the ninth century requiring its consumption. This healing oil abounds with rich antioxidants, rejuvenating vitamins and plenty of other agents that impart a glowing, healthy hair look.

Murumuru Butter, commonly called a “Vegetable Silicone” comes from the seeds of a palm tree that grows in the forest of Amazon. Even after months of facing battles with environment, heat styling tools or any other harmful external influences, the omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins contained in this oil generously provide deep nutrition to hair follicle and restructure kinky, dry, frizzy locks.

Acai Berry, a well-kept secret, veiled in mystery for centuries by Amazon tribes was also passed down over many generations and eventually came within the reach of Orofluido. Perfectly known for hair loss prevention, blood flow improvement and cells turnover.


Rice oil, Tsubaki and Bamboo extract, a meritorious Asian trio whose cooperative action leads to profound nourishment, hair greying prevention, absolute moisturization, remarkable silkiness and deep repair, is extremely servile to every individual hair.

Products from Orofluido prove that the attainment of a scrumptious hair is really not that of a distant dream. The admirable qualities of these essential oils propel Orofluido hair elixirs to perform at their greatest capacity every time. Shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays, mousses, colors and other hair-healing treatments from this very brand bring some serious reforms that allow your beauty to flourish.

Orofluido Shine Shampoo for instance, saw a meteoric rise to fame due to its therapeutic and restorative properties that fix the hair damage to the last detail. If your hair is deprived of the joys of refinement and radiance, sinking into hopelessness is not an option. This shampoo conforms to high standards of nourishment regaling dry hair with revitalizing hydration and splendid shine that will veritably mesmerize the onlookers.

In case your hair has undergone all kinds of hardships with frizz, fuzz, knots or tangles, Asian Conditioner is here to end your suffering. This treatment offers a high potential for reconciliation with your hair: it demonstrably increases manageability, flexibility and silkiness. Not to mention the brilliant shine and perseverance of color thanks to the broad-spectrum UVA/UVB filter that locks pigments inside the fiber and makes color exquisite. Orofluido conditioner brings similar benefits promising protection against external threats, volume, detangling and releasing an enchanting smell that combines vanilla and amber. The paramount ingredients are tsubaki oil, bamboo, rice oil, and cornstarch that unite toward rendering hair with strength, regeneration and health.

In order to keep your hair in a good condition, don’t settle for something inferior. Instead, go for those pampering and comforting tools that pay a lot of respect to your scalp and hair. Orofluido Original Elixir forms an inextricable blend with your hair demonstrating its superior power and alleviating your burning desires for gorgeous hair look. UVA/UVB filters keep everything under control whereas the three famous oils import hydration and vitality without detracting from the volume.


The “Liquid Gold” company has elaborately prepared magical potions that could help you transcend all bad circumstances and attend to the innermost needs of your hair. Orofluido Amazonia Mask extinguishes hair’s hunger for hydration, shine and vitality. With its four core components (Keratin, Murumuru Butter, Acai berry extract and Sacha-Inchi-Oil ) and a mesmerizing scent of berries, Amazon wood and sweet nuts, you are instantly transported into the staggering depths of Amazon rainforest. The chances for comprehensive repair, softness, resistance, and total purification increase manifold and the hair is left with astounding sheen and long-lasting volume.

After heedfully treating hair strands with high levels of nourishment and thorough hydration, it is time to gain some advantage from a hair spray or mousse that injects boundless energy and nutrition (with Orofluido signature oils) into locks and waves without compromising hold. Orofluido Curly Mousse Strong Hold keeps hair in immaculate condition by offering thermal protection, definition and control. The removal of this product out of your hair can be easily done by means of simple brushing.

Dye Your Hair in Glamour and Sophistication

Furthermore, Orofluido lets you enjoy the prerogative of having a stunning hair color that appears exceedingly natural. Orofluido permanent color comprises ample amounts of valuable constituents, highly adept at strengthening, thickening, smoothing, providing uniformity and spectacular shine. Although the color itself is strongly beneficial and reduces stains and irritation to minimum, some extra degree of caution wouldn’t hurt. Orofluido Primer Cream is attributed with a rich texture and its content of natural oils soothes the scalp and prepares it for coloring procedure.


Delving into the science of the extensive range of Orofluido contrivances is one enjoyable and rewarding experience. Professionals from this Original Beauty Ritual discovered and selected deeply treasured resources in the Amazon rainforest, age-old civilizations of Eastern Asia and Mediterranean areas. The warily cultivated plants, fruits and flowers from these regions are the key to healthy body and spirit as well. The aforementioned oils that have long cemented their high standings, are only some of the Orofluido ingredients that suffuse the hair with enchanting fragrances, replenish the shaft with great quantities of vitamins, divorce hair from dryness and foster a lovely radiance accompanied by softness, volume and bounce. Orofluido products are synonymous with ultimate hair luxury and well-being.

Greetings from bilablau team.