Biotherm is closely associated with Mme-Jeanine Marissal, a renowned 20th Century French biologist. Marissal made a grand discovery, that the mineral-thermal spring-waters located in Southern France, up in the Pyrenees Mountain contained some thermal plankton. She sought to protect this discovery by applying for the rights of intellectual property and once these rights were awarded, she began her journey of making skin care products.

Plankton played an important role in ensuring a healthy skin and it formed the main ingredients in the biologist’s skin-care products. It is from here that the name Biotherm was coined with bio derived from biology and “therm’’ derived from the thermal planktons. Having gone through massive transformations, let us look at some of the products this brand is associated with.

Cleansers and Exfoliators

  • Biosource Total-Renew Oil. This is a double acting skin cleanser in one: removes long-wear foundation, lipstick as well as waterproof eye makeup while protecting the skin from dryness. This self-foaming oil is a blend of natural botanical oils.
  • Biosource Foaming-Cream for Normal Skin. Biotherm technology creates BIOSOURCE Hydra-mineral cleanser toning-mousse. Containing zinc, the foam cleanses the skin without drying it, thus giving your skin the pampering it needs.
HOMME TOTAL RECHARGE nettoyant revitalisant 125 ml


  • Blue Therapy-Accelerated Serum. 80% of aging signs are caused by external aging accelerators. The good thing is that you can act on these visible signs of accelerated aging with this serum, concentrated in extract of “Algae of Youth”, which delivers powerful hydrating capabilities that counter signs of aging. Fine lines disappear, complexion exudes a radiant glow, and facial skin contours feel tighter for a visible transformation.
  • Mask with Life-Plankton. Life plankton is infused at its highest concentration in this intense night recovery formula. The powerful gel gives immense power to the skin. A bouncy look of the skin is created overnight and your skin acquires a healthy looking radiance.
BLUE THERAPY serum in oil 30 ml


  • Sensitive Emulsion with Life-Plankton. Infused at its highest concentration of 5%, in Life Plankton, Sensitive Emulsion makes skin stronger and protects it from damage caused by environmental aggressors. Over time, skin becomes less reactive but more even, and looks healthier.
  • Aquasource Everplump. This daily moisturizer plumps the skin up. The highly dense texture of the gel pushes fine lines away. Aquasource has Blue Hyaluron which is a natural Hyaluronic Acid plumper born from aquatic biology and glycerine as well as further hydrating actives, which penetrate fast. In seconds, the skin is dewy smooth and perfectly moisturized and will stay the same from morning till night.
AQUASOURCE Everplump night 50 ml


  • Lait Corporel Body-Milk. Deliciously smooth and fabulously fresh, this everyday body milk instantly helps the skin look smooth and soft. It hydrates to help reduce flaky skin, restores the skin’s moisture barrier and improves its elasticity. This anti-drying body milk with citrus extracts has a delicate fragrance and fresh texture that is neither sticky nor greasy. The milk penetrates easily into the skin, leaving it fresh and perfectly hydrated.
  • Biosource Milk for Normal-Skin. This refreshing, delicately scented milk removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses the skin leaving skin clear and fresh.
  • Oil Therpapy-Baume Corps. Help your dry skin regain its radiance with this emollient, quick-absorbing body lotion. This exquisite formula includes a blend of 3 oils: mineral, corn, and apricot. Delivering a deep sense of comfort, Biotherm’s nurturing Oil Therapy care absorbs quickly, leaving your skin looking lustrous and feeling soft. You will get incredibly soft skin you’ll feel wonderful in!
  • Oil Therapy Scrub. Refine and regenerate your skin’s texture with this sumptuous, exfoliating oil and experience a lasting sense of comfort. This scrub leaves a silky and protective veil over your skin. Biotherm’s innovative and sensuous oil scrub contains precious oils rich in essential fatty acids as well as Omegas 3 & 6. Melting sugar crystals get rid of flakiness, leaving your skin nourished, smooth as well as satiny soft.
  • Aquasource Total Eye-Revitalizer. Biotherm’s first flash gaze awakener gives your eyes a revitalized look. Made with all the hydration agents of Aquasource and containing a specific combination of cooling, de-puffing, lightening and blurrung complex, Aquasource Eye-Revitalizer provides a fast, cooling effect and a fresh eyes sensation. Eye bags look visibly de-puffed, dark circles appear reduced, dehydration lines appear smoothed, and eye contour appear hydrated all day long.
PUREFECT SKIN hydrating care 50 ml

Body Wash

  • Aquathermale. With Aquathermale, you will discover the sensations and the cleansing power of pure thermal water as Biotherm brings the Spa home to you. It leaves your skin deliciously fresh, supple, toned and silky-soft. Recommended for very dry and delicate skin.
HOMME DAY CONTROL shower gel 150 ml


  • Eau Vitaminee-Mist. This exhilarating mist for body and spirit tones, perfumes, and revitalizes. Natural essences of citrus fruits (pink grapefruit, sweet orange, citrus leaf and orange flower) are blended to create a scent that is fresh, lively and delicately subtle.
  • L’eau Fragrance of Lait-Corporel. A deliciously zesty fragrance where the sparkling essential oils of orange, tangerine and bergamot fuse with the smooth accords of freesia and notes of cedar wood.
L'EAU Eau de Toilette spray special edition 100 ml


  • Firm Corrector. It is a biological reality that from 20 years old, the skin can lose its collagen: a major component of skin that produces firmness. Thus, the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear and skin begins to sag. This formula, enriched with the macro-alga extract L. Ochroleuca from the strongest currents of the Celtic Sea firms and sculpts skin. See your skin look firmer and tightened in 10 days!
  • Blue Therapy Eye. The eye zone is the most attention-winning part of the face for age perception: the reason why your eyes require specific anti-aging skincare. Biotherm has

extended the very definition of the eye zone to target wrinkles, darkness and lack of firmness and go beyond the classic crows’ feet wrinkles and under-eye bags. The formula acts on visible signs of accumulated damage to reveal the appearance of a younger, luminous look.

  • Blue Therapy. This is visible smoothing filler, in a precision application tube. It has optical blurring technology and acts immediately on wrinkles, pores, unevenness of skin. Pores are less visible and wrinkles seem faded out.
BLUE THERAPY yeux 15 ml

Lait Corporel

  • Beurre Corporel. The fresh citrus ragrance of Lait Corporel and enriched with shea butter, leaves your skin smoothed and intensely hydrated, without the greasy feeling

Following are just a few reasons why you would want to use Biotherm products.

  • gives you radiant-looking skin
  • easy to apply and easily a vbsorbed by skin
  • gives skin hydrated feeling right after application
  • can be easily applied just using your palms


  • The Life Plankton does not have the signature Biotherm scent


Through the years Biotherm has lived up to its mission of providing quality all natural skin care products that cater to the needs of women all around the world.

SKIN FITNESS body treatment 200 ml

Best regards from Bilablau team!