Winter is upon us, and so is the cold. While many of us are hardly excited about the cold times, snowboarders and ski enthusiasts can’t wait until the snow falls. And there may be a lot of it!

Many websites provide suggestions for the best high-tech gadgets that should be brought on ski holidays. I have chosen to dive into the Bilablaus product catalog to find the coolest gadgets that will make your skiing holiday more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you like warmth, a good game or a little dram in the evening; So read here, be inspired and you are guaranteed a skiing holiday with fun and good times.

he indispensable selfie stick

The selfie stick has become a hit all over the world and has almost become a must, when traveling abroad. It’s easy to bring in a small bag and a good accessory as it allows for collecting a lot of memories that you can look back on. It also allows for a large part of the white landscape to be included in the picture, as well as the possibility of adding more people in one photo.

Use your mobile phone with Shaka Gloves on

The Shaka Phone gloves are very useful for skiing holidays! At first sight, it looks like a pair of normal winter gloves, but the skin is deceiving. Bilablau have a pair of handy bluetooth gloves that both have an earphone and microphone integrated into the fingertips. This means you no longer have to take off your gloves out in the cold to be able to talk on the phone. The gloves are both soft and comfortable and do not scratch or damage your screen. The Shaka Gloves are highly recommended as an accessory for skiing holidays!

(Shaka Gloves are compatible with smartphones: Iphones, Android, Windows, BB)


Shaka Phone hands-free gloves include:

  • A pair of black hands-free gloves
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual



  • Composition: 84% acrylic, 10% spandex, 6% conductive fibers, polyester, cotton, other fibers
  • Operating range: 10m
  • Standby battery class: 30 hours
  • Battery talk time: 12 hours

Gofit sports band with built-in headphones

Gofit sports band with built-in headphones gives you an opportunity to listen to your favorite music while you are on the slopes. It also allows you to answer calls, just with a single touch on a button, which is also built into the headband. This is obvious, if you need to receive or make a call while you are skiing. The speakers in the Gofit sports band are removable, so it can be washed. The sports band is suitable for smartphones and other mobiles gadgets.

Ca. width 9.5 cm. diameter 27 cm. 100% polyester outside. Microfiber fleece inside.

Luggage strap with integrated weight and safety code

Start your journey with peace using Partner Adventures luggage with integrated weight and safety code. A practical and highly functional luggage strap with combination of lock and weight for easy and safe control the weight of your luggage.


  • Adjustable and heavy application strap (max: 200 cm approx)
  • Approximate width: 5 cm
  • 3 digit numeric security code
  • TSA007 approved lock
  • Integrated weight
  • On/off switch
  • Unit button (kg eller lbs)
  • Battery powered (2x AAA, included)

Travel bag for shoes (-any woman’s dream)

Okay, this gadget is perhaps mostly intended for women. Most of us females know the dilemma when packing a suitcase. WHAT SHOES SHOULD I BRING? I have found the solution to the problem. When you are traveling, you can now bring up to 12 pairs of shoes in an organized manner, in this super-practical travel bag for shoes. It is at the top of my must-have list next time i’m going on a trip abroad gadgets.


  • Zipper and two handles
  • Made of polyester with plastic interior
  • 6 indoor rooms where there is room for the shoes
  • Dimensions: 35 x 40 x 20 cm

on-slip soles for the ice

Do you fear as well as me to slip on the ice, fall on the back and everyone laughs at you? Don’t worry honey gadgets. With these non-slip soles, which are also obvious for travel or sport, you can go outside in the winter months without any obstacles. The elastic soles of metal and rubber are easy to apply. The soles are suitable for shoes in size 36-46 and contain 2 non-slip soles.

eheatable slippers

Can we quickly agree that nothing is better than coming home and throwing the legs on the couch after a long day on the slopes? Warm Hug Feet Microwavable Boots provide not only for the comfort, but also allows for comfortable warmth for the feet, as the slippers can be put in the microwave oven. The slippers are made of soft polar fabric and lavender beans that smell extraordinarily well, when heated. Generally, Warm Hug Feet Microwavable Boots provides you with warmth and have a nice relaxing effect on your feet. The reheatable slippers should only be cleaned using a damp cloth. Never heat them for more than two minutes and never use them if they are too hot. The slippers are available in pink and violet and are an obvious gadget for relaxation in the evening.

oolbox for the car

I can just imagine… The drive to the ski holiday has been long, the children are impatient and tired, mom has to pee and the car breaks down at the last minute. You just won’t be up to it, right? Take this toolbox with you on vacation, to avoid these situations. Buy this car toolbox, store it in the trunk and you’re equipped to handle unpredictable and unpleasant situations, that certainly doesn’t make your vacation funnier along the way.


  • Isolated jumper cables (approx. Length: 220 cm)
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Crosshead screwdriver
  • 9 pieces for an emergency driver (4,5,6,7,8,9,20,22 and 12 mm)
  • Tire Pressure Indicator
  • Terminals for cables and fuses
  • Insulation Tape
  • Polyester Gloves
  • Plastic storage box

he hip flask, must-have gadget for men!

The hip flask! The indispensable hip flask is an absolute must-have on the ski holiday! This set is perfect for those who need to be warmed up when they are on the slopes, for those who like a zip with their coffee or just enjoying the cozyness of a hip flask, where all the necessary accessories are included.  

Hip Flask with accessories includes:

  • 1 hip flask in stainless steel
  • 1 funnel in stainless steel
  • 4 shot glasses in stainless steel

ack of cards

No skiing without card games, do we agree? Enjoy a game of cards together with many of our recommended gadgets. Imagine that the Audiosonic bluetooth speaker provides the background music, the carpet and the reheatable slippers provide the heat, while the hip flask and card games almost guarantee the highest level of cozyness and good times. Bring a pack of cards on your skiing holiday and express your card skills.  



  • 54 cards per set
  • Available in 2 different colors, depending on stock.
  • These playing cards will entertain you, your family and your friends for hours!

Greetings from bilablau team.