Opi Avoplex oil brush 15 ml

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Excellent manicure tool

Magic formula attributed with remarkable repairing properties that act from deep within. This remarkable nail-moisturizing treatment contains an abundance of natural ingredients that take a thorough care of your nails and cuticles. The prime ingredient is avocado oil that increases nails’ resilience, flexibility and also keeps them from breaking and cracking. 

Ingredients with medicinal properties

Other ingredients involved are Kukui nut that conditions and protects, sunflower that heals dried cracked cuticles and sesame with an extra dose of Vitamin E that prevents nails from splitting. OPI Avoplex works directly on the cuticles thanks to its easy-to-use brush. This nail-healing mixture contains super antioxidant Tocotrienol that is, in fact, more beneficial than Vitamin E.

Long-term solution for weak nails

Additionally, there is a lightweight grape seed extract and lecithin that restore the vital moisture, as well as lipids that revive dry cuticles. The result is healthy skin around your nails, beautifully-looking fingers and stronger, nourished and resistant nails that grow healthy. 

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Avoplex oil brush 15 ml

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